Sunday, September 4, 2011

Self-Stitched Saturday & Sunday

Hmm. So it seems like the new  blogger interface works kind of like the pages already did before the switch. Which is nice for uploading pics but puts out strange html, I've found. Ah, whatever...

Trainee work is fun, I got to see a natural birth and a couple of c-sections and assist in a couple of operations this week. Even if I know that I don't want to be a surgeon, it's very interesting. :)

Also, I've almost finished my second sock.

But, I'm still looking for inspiration for my fall sewing. I'm amost sure about my palette, but other than that...

Since I'm not participating in Self-Stitched September, I've decided to start on Self-Stitched Saturdays. No scrubs on weekends, yay! ;) I wore both my Crepes yesterday (the polka dot one for getting ice-cream in town, the nautical one for a Paella garden party) but only got one pic.

I'm also throwing in a Self-Stitched Sunday pic. I love it when the weather frogs (aka meteorologists) are wrong about impending rain...

Also, I've finally managed to send of my first Paying it Forward gift this week! I know, it took me almost two months. I was contemplating for ages on what to make... Btw, would YOU like to recieve a handmade gift from me? I've only got two participants as of yet, so I could make three more people happy with a little package! The only thing you must do is promise to send a little something handmade to five more people...

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!


  1. I'm also starting obs & gyn tomorrow. Don't want to do it! I know nothing about babies/childbirth and I don't want to have to do night shifts, especially on the weekend :(

    Lovely dresses. I especially like the red polka dots.

  2. it took you two months, eh? try six. good lord. i have GOT to get on that when i get home!

  3. That sock is very cute; I love the colour! What field are you interested in, if not surgery?
    And just a funny thing, but my husband always groans about the mis-use of the term C-section, which he says is an unnecessary repeat, as a caesarean IS a section. Lol! I hope it all goes well!

  4. The sock looks great. I like both the dresses but think the red polka dot is my favourite. Eeek, I need to pull my finger out over Pay it forward! I am adding that to the list of posts I must write. xx

  5. Yes, our medical school system is a lot like the UK. 4th, 5th and 6th years are spent on rotations at the hospital. I'm also in my 5th year. We also don't specialise at medical school. Everyone goes to work at the hospital as an intern and then we specialise later (technically you never have to specialise).

    We don't do pre-med (although they're changing the system to the American system so the new med students will have to). At my university the course is 6 years for undergraduates but if you already have a degree (like me - my degree is Fashion and Textile design) you get to skip the first year so it's only 5 years... so I'm in 5th year even though it's only my 4th year doing the course...

    There are other Australian universities for graduates that have 4 year courses but I didn't want to go there.

  6. @Oona: ;) That reminds me of a letter I've been meaning to send for the last year. Snail mail...

    @Minnado: :) Don't hurry on my account... The sock feels a bit wide, but I guess it's fine as a first attempt. :)

    @Carolyn: I'm rather happy with the color, too... :) Funny thing about the Caesarean - I guess I get most of my medical English from Grey's Anatomy and the Latin words we use in German. We just call them "sectio", leaving off the "caesarea"... I think I'm going to be a General Practicioner/Physician (how do you say in Australia?), with emphasis on family medicine. I really love Paediatrics, too, but I want to work in a practice instead of at the hospital at some point, and ambulant paediatrics in Germany are rather boring: 95% sniffles, bellyaches and vaccinations...

    @Lily: It's not too bad (well, I like it...). I'm not specializing yet, we also do that after we're finished. 6th year is pretty much a year long internship, then it's final exams and then you can specialize. We need to do that if we want to practice medicine (5 years even as a GP). Right now what I'm doing is similar to clinical rotation.

  7. Cute sock (they are addictive - beware!). I like the idea of self-stitched weekends. I’m doing Self-Stitched-September but I’m finding it very hard to remember to take pictures so I’m not sure I’ll last the whole month…

  8. Your sock is looking good! I have yet to try knitting socks, I did crochet a pair a few years ago. I like the SSSaturdays idea, I might borrow it, since I'm so busy lately and seem to have nothing appropriate to wear.

  9. Hehe, another one from Grey's Anatomy that is the cause of grief in our household is the misuse of "stat", as in "100mg of (something) STAT!" As you know Latin you would know that "stat" correctly means a once-only event, in this case a dose, and not "Now!" as it is implied in the TV show. Also my husband gets all riled up over how they use cc's to measure drugs, a volumetric measurement, when they should be using a weight measurement. I'm an analytical chemist, and I can see the dangerous inaccuracy in using a volumetric measurement too, an overdosing accident just waiting to happen!

  10. Die Socken sind toll, aber - du mögest mir verzeihen - woher kommt die phänomenale Bettwäsche??

  11. @Maike: leider nicht meine, die war in der FeWo in Österreich...