Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Self Stitched Weekend and Plans

So I'm back in Berlin. :) My parents drove me up on Thursday night and we spent a lovely weekend before they went back home on Sunday. We even had room in the car to take my great-grandma's sewing machine!

I also finished my first Fall Essential, although it could be said that really, to call it that would be cheating. It was already half-finished last spring, but still required some hand sewing...

It's a cowl-necked knit dress, possibly a bit to short to be worn with tights but fine with leggins. I traced the pattern from my favorite boat-necked top (which, incidentally, is almost the same color) and just lengthened it. The cowl-neck construction was a bit of an experiment, I tried a few different things before tacking down the top layer by hand... The color and fabric make me really happy. It's a very heavy knit I found in The Fabric Store in Sydney. In hindsight, I might have added bust darts because it doesn't stretch all that much. I'm fine with the overall fit, though...

I also wore a very old dress again - the second one I ever made. I had trouble with the shoulder seams (always check the instructions, even if you're making a pattern for the second time!) and consequently it ended up a little short, and fitting strangely in the back and bust. I love the fabric, though, so I may have to turn it into a skirt instead...

I passed by the (unknown to me) fabric section of a department store with my mom on Saturday, and was really admiring their fall/winter fabric selection. Lots of cute double knits in all colors, and even pullover-weight cable knits, lots of lovely wool, curderoys... I saw some cute purple plaid and had the most lovely idea for a long-sleeved, knit yoke Macaron! Thinking of my stash, I didn't buy any fabric (I'll be back, though!) but I checked my stash and I actually have coordinating plaid/knit fabric in both blue and teal!

Option one, a teal plaid from some Walmart in Kentucky, that I had actually had in mind for a shirtdress at some point, and a teal jersey from the Maybachufer Market in Berlin:

And option two, blue plaid fabric from IKEA that were either going to become a shirtdress or pajamas, and some navy double knit from I forgot where:

There's also some navy-and-orange flower print fabric on its way to me - handed down from my boyfriends grannie - that might go well with the navy double knit.

What do you think? Good idea? Silly? Nice combinations, but surely not for a Macaron? (Patty made a really cute one with a knit yoke, and I've been thinking of combining the leftovers of my green knit wrap dress with my strawberry print for ages...)

What combination would you go for?


  1. Your new dress is gorgeous, and that neckline is so flattering! You look lovely in these shades of green and coral, and with just a few touches of black and white... and your fabric from stash that you have pictured here fits in so beautifully with what I've seen of your wardrobe. I think you have a very well thought-out and very consistent colour palette, your wardrobe must co-ordinate like a dream!

  2. I love your new green dress! It looks great on you - well done!

    All the fabrics you've chosen are terrific for a Macaron. I love the navy/purple plaid combination best; they really pop together. Now I'm curious to try a fall Macaron, too!

  3. I like the teal combo... let us know what you choose.

  4. Yay for finishing your first Fall essential. It looks great. Although I love teal, I think the contrast between the navy and the plaid might show off the dramatic lines of the macaron best.

  5. The green cowl neck looks fab on you. I think option 2 is my favourite for the macaron. Look forward to seeing what you make.

  6. I like the second option. The proportions of the top plaid might make it look too homespun.
    Good luck to you on the knitted dress! I would never have the patience, although I have about 5 in my Ravelry queue!

  7. Oooh, don't let that silly movie prejudice you against those beautiful and completely harmless birds! They are such graceful and lovely creatures.

  8. Hum. So most of you are set on the navy option. I can't decide, so I'll make a flowery original Macaron first! ;)

    @Carolyn: Huh, I always think my wardrobe is kinda all over the place... ;)