Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finally more Fall Essentials

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post! I'm doing fine, the cold is gone, and this week, uni is taking up a lot less time. So I actually had time to do some stuff! I should really blog more often, because things are accumulating. I have a reason for this, and I'll try to be better about it - probably from next week on... ;)

Sooo. I managed to finally finish some more Fall Essentials and take pictures of them! First one up: a cheater Fall Essential, as the dress itself was finished in spring. It still lacked quite a bit of handsewing, though, because the instructions for attaching the lining (Rooibos style) confused me to no end.

The pattern is Burda 3477, a basic princess seamed sheath dress, and I made it up in some teal wool fabric that my lovely friend Ismeta gave me, when I visited her in Kentucky around this time last year. :)

I really love the color, and the fit is fine for a sheath dress, I think. Unfortunately, I kind of missed adding a slit to the back. It's fine for the wool, which has enough give to sit comfortably, but the lining is less stretchy. We'll see how it works, but I've even tried biking with it and didn't have any problems for now...

No. 2 may be my new favorite dress. It's so comfy! It's a sheath dress from Ottobre 5/2008, originally meant for a woven fabric, but I used a doubleknit (I think?) from the Turkish fabric market.

Since it's a knit, I made the pattern without the back zipper, which was easy enough. I traced size 42 from the magazine and added seam allowances, which I took off again at the side seams, since I wanted a slightly tighter fit for the knit.

(Incidentally, I lost my camera remote while making these pictures - it slipped out of my hand while throwing a big handful of leaves into the air and even 30 of searching under the leaves wouldn't produce it. I also almost kicked my shoes into the lake behind me during the jumping pictures, which is why I decided to jump barefoot the second time around... ;)

My boyfriend calls this my mouse dress, since it is grey. It does look slightly mousy, but I like it with contrast longsleeves. Black is fine, but I like green even better and I have a purple longsleeve on my to-refashion list...

Also, look at the black cloche that I got last month... :) And labels! :D

I really like the fabric for this dress. I feels so soft and the bias look is very cute. Unfortunately, even after a few wears it pills like crazy...

Other stuff: I've been thinking hard about Christmas presents. We don't do presents in my immediate family (the money not spent on gifts is put into a pool , to contribute to a Christmas feast or vacation) but I think some small handmade trinkets for my friends would be nice, especially since I've found that knitting is a really soothing activity. :)

My friendship scarf is progressing moderately well, even though I almost only knit during my 1.5 hour evening class. This is how it looked two weeks ago. Right now I'm at about 80cm, I think...

We got a bread maker! We eat quite a bit of bread, and I've found that the bread made by bakeries in Berlin is so much worse than in the bakeries at home. I think most of them get the almost-finished bread delivered and only finish baking it, so it's got lots of preservatives and stuff. With the bread maker, we can make smaller breads so they stay fresh and we know exactly what ingredients are in it. Plus, fresh warm bread whenever we want, without leaving the house! :D

(We're still working on the look, though...)

I'll leave you with an impression of my Hallowe'en costume. :) (In case you wonder, I called it Celtic Druid Priestess.)

Have a lovely rest of the week!


  1. Wow so much to take in!! I love the dresses, I really love they layering up of long sleeves under tops ect. I too have a bread maker and I loive it, I often just play around, Inow think one of the best results in 1 part wholemeal, 1 part white, 1 part rye.

  2. Wow, you have gotten a lot done! I'm sorry to hear that you lost your camera remote, but those are super cute photos - I love the leaves.

    Your Celtic Druid Princess is awesome! Did you do your own make-up?

    And, one last comment, gorgeous knitting :)

  3. I am loving that turquoise color and the "mouse dress" fits you so perfectly. I would jump for joy too. (Sorry 'bout the remote.)

  4. Where to start? FAb frocks- particularly loving the effort you put into the photos! Beautiful backdrop and capturing a jump so expertly! Looks like fun. Shame about remote. I also love miss mouse dress- the neckline and the check fabric are a perfect choice. Amazing Halloween look! Thanks also for bread maker love- I haven't used mine in ages, maybe should get it out this weekend. And finally the knitting looks good- beautiful raspberry colour...

  5. Great dresses and photos. I love the Miss Mouse dress especially. How annoying to lose the remote. The bread looks good and I am loving the knitting!
    Have a good weekend. x

  6. I love your "mouse" dress. Lovely color and shape. Great idea to have a breadmaker, I have one too...the only problem is that I eat a lot more's so good!

  7. Hi! Wandered over from the Colette forum - your dresses are just beautiful - and you look stunning in them! Beautiful pictures too - such a lovely background

  8. Wowee!! Look at you go! I adore the dresses and that cloche is fantastic! Your knitted scarf is lovely - so looking forward to seeing it done. :)

    Your Halloween costume is amazing!!

  9. Wow! you have some fabulous new things!! Where to start with my comment... firstly Love the green dress! Gorgeous colour and the fit looks fabulous on you! The mouse dress looks lovely and toasty! Sorry about the pilling, :(but maybe it will be just a great one for this season.
    A breadmaker is a great thing to have; we've had one for over ten years and all our breads and pizza doughs have been made in it! the smell is so divine, and it is so true, there is nothing quite like the taste of real fresh bread!
    Finally, I quite simply ADORE the colour of that friendship scarf. Looks so warm and the pattern you are knitting into it is so pretty.
    Oh, even more finally, awesome costume too!!! You look ready to raise a pagan demon, or something...!(a good demon, I'm sure)

  10. Cheater essentials still count! That's why I'm counting all of my refashions that weren't initially on the list. ;)

    The dresses both look rather cute and cozy!

  11. Can I just say that I adore your style??? Fabulous ensembles!

  12. Agreed with Meg - such fabulous style! And not mousy at all! I love grey, so I suppose that informs my opinion :) Both dresses are fitted so nicely. Ugh...sorry to hear about the lost remote. I need a new one, so I know how annoying it is to be without. My hubs is our bread maker! I suppose it would be easier with the machine, but it's just one more appliance (oh, and it keeps him out of the sewing room/office ;)

    ps - is your cloche from Bonnie's Knitting on Etsy? Ry gave me a cloche from her shop 2 years ago, and I adore it.

  13. @threadsquare: Hehe, the good thing is that with the breadmaker, my b/f actually manages to make bread, too. :D
    My cloche was given to me by Jessica (from A Yen for Craft). I think she actually knitted it herself and added the cute embellishments. :)