Friday, November 11, 2011

Sewing or Knitting?

I think I have found out why my sewing mojo has been rather down the last couple of weeks, while my knitting mojo has been really good. Today was the loveliest of days, crispy cold and clear, just above freezing and glowing a brownish gold. So lovely that I spent quite a bit of time cycling to and fro, shopping for yarn, knit dresses and make-up for out theater performance next week, instead of using public transport. Very different from gloomy, clammy, foggy yesterday...

I say "was" even though it's hardly 4 o'clock, because the sun is already low enough that I had to switch on the light. I'm not winter depressive or anything (books, cozy blankets, knitting, hot chocolate, cinnamon spice tea, risotto and the occasional crispy, sunny winter day make me mostly like the season, at least until mid-January) but fact is that, even though my sewing nook is right by the window on the top floor of a 5 storey building, it is pretty gloomy and not very well lit, at least between mid-October and March. And I can knit while listening to teachers, watching TV, going on the bus... good lighting is not essential for knitting. :)

Which is possibly why I have accumulated a yarn stash in the last couple of days. :)

As I said before, we don't really do Christmas gifts in my immediate family. There are a few frinds and family members I've decided to knit gifts for, though - Christmas gifts or just "a little reminder that I love you" gifts, right? ;) You may be able to find them over at Tilly's Crafty Christmas Club in a while - my family and some friends do read my blog sometimes. :)

Sewing mojo notwithstanding, I went to visit the Holland Fabric Market in Potsdam last Sunday. It's only 4 times a year, and they usually have pretty good bargaigns. I was looking for some more nice doubleknit fabric for another knit dress, possibly some nice wool for a winter Rooibos or Macaron, a lace collar for embellishment, jersey for longsleeves, some fun (polka dot?) lining, red curderoy for a little girl's Christmas dress... but wasn't impressed by the selection. I did find some non-expensive jersey coupons (1.5x1.5m, 5€ each) for longsleeves and a bit of stretch poly garbandine (?) for a pair of trousers. Honestly, that was possibly a good thing. My stash is getting pretty big as it is and I did spend quite a bit of money on yarn in the last two weeks. *g*

So, no new sewing projects at the moment (though I want to sew up a couple of longsleeves sometime soon) but my friendship scarf is coming along well!
Also, something I totally forgot to post last week: I finally took a picture of the lovely hat that was gifted to me by Jessica! I totally love the little felt flowers she used for embellishment. And it looks really lovely with my polka-dot Rooibos layered for fall weather! :)
So how has your week been going. Are you happy with the weather in your part of the world? And does it influence your sewing/knitting mojo?

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I so hear you on the preference for knitting over sewing in the winter months. This is happening to me at the moment as well, and a big part of it has to do with the lack of daylight hours as well as the cozy factor one gets from handling wool during the cold winter months. Your yarn stash is looking lovely!

  2. Hello! I've just learned to knit and I am loving it. I love how I don't have to move around so much (heating is bad in our drafty old house and I want to hunker down next to the heat), how clothed I can be all of the time (rather than trying things on and off, on and off), and how portable it is! I'm so glad I've delved into knitting and it feels good to know I'll have some handmade knitted items!

    I probably was prompted when I received the red version of your cloche from Jessica's project ridiculous. Dang, that's the best quality hat I've ever owned. So inspiring. Yours looks great :)

  3. Your scarf looks like it's coming along beautiful! And I love the colors of your new fabrics.

    I had one sunny day this week and managed to at least trace out the pattern pieces for a sewing project. But my knitting is going gangbusters.

  4. I just adore your friendship scarf; it is the yummiest colour!

  5. oh I love a good stash! your scarf is so pretty!

  6. I really like to knit when I have to do a lot of sewing for work...I can't relax and sew in my free time when sewing is occupying my work time too! I'm making slow progress on a cabled scarf because I stop whenever I come to a row involving the cable needle, aka every other row, haha!

  7. Ooooh that scarf is coming along beautifully -- and a lovely, lovely yarn stash! Definitely cheerful colors for winter. Your friends and family are lucky indeed! (I find my yarn stash stays thinner than my fabric stash for some reason ... I think it's easier for me to say "yes" to a yard or two of fabric, vs. committing to enough yarn to make a sweater! Hm, maybe that's why all my hat/scarf yarns are what comprise my current stash, they're easy to say "yes" to as well)

    The hat looks fabulous on you, glad it fits!

  8. I do knitmore in winter - it's maybe to do with the darker evenings and being able to curl up in front of the tv and knit. I am also knitting in the car waiting for my son to come out of school! It is more portable than the sewing. BUt I am too impatient to try and knit anythng bigger than a scarf. I love the friendship scarf - such a gorgeous colour. The weather here is dull a lot of the time with poor light, mostly this makes taking photos difficult. My mum was a quilter and used to have special daylight light bulbs for sewing by...they give a bright whiter kind of light and are great for sewing in poor light conditions.

  9. I too find I get the knitting bug as the weather gets cooler.

    P.S. love how you layered the roobios.

  10. Another beautiful autumn picture! Inspiring. I agree with sigrid on the rooibos layering. I'm knitting more and crocheting more but am unsure whether it's because I'm trying to be a bit more sociable, or whether it's because they're Christmas pressies. I guess knitting when it's hot doesn't really work very well! Your scarf though is such a wonderful colour.

  11. I totally get you on the sewing vs knitting thing. I'm new to knitting, but I already love the fact that I can do it on the go, in trains, and anywhere i fancy. I can't do that with my sewing machine, and I am not really a fan of handsewing.