Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So. Uni has started up again last week, and while I only had evening classes then (in paediatric audiology and phoniatry - quite a mouthful, no?), this week I also have gyn/obs rotation from 7:30 to 2:00. Getting up early in addition to evening class makes my head woozy. Or it might be the cold I've been fighting for the last few days... Which wouldn't be so bad, if we were at least learning lots of interesting stuff. It seems, though, that the docs on my ward have loads of better things to do than teach. At least I'm making some progress on my friendship scarf during audiology lectures. And I cut out the pattern pieces for a knit dress yesterday!

So I thought I could post some of the cute things I found on Pinterest and in blogland during the last few weeks...

cute crocheted flowers by rosa p.

ear warmers by prudent baby
felt flower brooches
how to make big fabric-covered buttons from milk tops
(instructions in German but the pics are self-explanatory...)
cute pleated tote tutorial
buttons sewn onto elastic - very cute!
Hope you have a happy week!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Long time no blog!  Funny how, after managing five blog posts in two weeks, I go two weeks without. I guess both of my sewing and writing mojo come in intervals...

Anyway, my hands haven't been totally idle. I did document a couple of cute self-stitched outfits during the last two weeks. The top one was on one of the last, genuinly warm nights. We're sitting outside a bar, drinking Pina Colada out of hollowed-out pineapples! Yum! I'm wearing my b&w jersey dress, of course.

Here I dressed up for the 65 year anniversary party of the magazine my boyfriend works for. Honestly, my favorite part are my new glasses, they go really well with the Crepe (and pretty much everything else)... :)

We visited the fair on October 3rd, which is Unification Day (national holiday) in Germany and I wore my green knit dress and bought a lovely new hat! No picture of either, but a ferris wheel during sunset...

I wore the hat with this outfit on the night of one of my friend's birthday (no pics). We baked her a pink pony cake! :) The dress is one of my two favorite RTW dresses, thrifted almost exactly a year ago in a Goodwill in Franklin, TN. I'm also wearing a self-stitched black longsleeve and my embroidered fleece jacket. It's lined with rose jersey. :)

Other stuff I've been up to: my first Macaron version is all but finished. I used a cute navy/red rayon floral fabric (given to me by my boyfriend's grannie from her stash, it's in the background for the pic below) for the main part and some stretchy red woven that used to be a skirt for the contrast yoke. However, I'm not quite pleased with the fit of the yoke. It's too big (evil stretch fabrics!) and a bit too heavy... and I'm not in love with the gathered sleeves... and the neckline is too high for my taste... I may just unpick it and try for a jersey/interlock yoke. The good point is that I do like the skirt part, which I wasn't sure would look flattering on my figure.

I also spent some time on non-selfish knitting. :) My sister's birthday is today and I made her a pair of purple reading mitts and a  crocheted flower brooch. I sent it to her and it actually arrived on time - she loves them! It seems her friends really like the flower brooch so I'm going to make some more. Personally, I'm not really a brooch person but a flower or two might look nice on my black coat, too... :)

Also, my sew-in labels came today! I'm sooo excited! First job is to add them to all the clothes I have already made, which, looking at my handmade (and recently reorganised) closet may take a while...

So what's happening in your little corner of the world?