Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plaid Macaron & Me-Made Mittwoch

Gosh, it's gloomy today. Gloomy enough for me to decide that I had to spice up my first FO reveal of the year and first me-made Wednesday with a few happy props: my new red polka dot wellies, huge earrings and a ridiculously  huge bow in my hair.
the weather is making me all 'meh'...
I actually didn't mean to leave the house today, but then I had to drop off a letter at the post office, so I thought I could just as well pick up some facing and lining fabric for that plaid Rooibos I've been meaning to make. The fabric shop has its own remnant section, and look what I just had to buy:
Navy and cream polka dot jersey rayon. I may possibly be obsessed with blue polka dots, since now all of these fabrics are in my posession:
Is there such a thing as too many blue polka dot dresses? I'm unsure. We will see. But since it was the remnant part of the shop and I only paid 10€ for what amounts to almost 3 yards (2.7m), I really couldn't walk by. ;)

Anyway, back to the reveal part: my plaid winter Macaron with the long sleeves. Yes, I finally finished it this weekend and I'm already wearing it for the second time today! I think I like the other Macaron better (the floral fabric is just so pretty!) but this one has a comfy feel to it, perfect for fall and winter.
... but silly polka dot accessories make it all better!

The Facts:
Fabric: irregular teal plaid, bought in a Kentucky Walmart last year for maybe 3$/yd and navy interlock from one of the fabric markets in Berlin
Pattern: Colette Macaron, self-drafted yoke
Notions: invisible side zipper in bright green
Time to Complete: no idea - about five or six hours, spaced over 3 days
First Worn: January 7, 2012
Thoughts: I changed the darts to make the bodice sit higher on my chest and incorporated the waistband into the bodice, since I didn't want to do excessive pattern matching. This messed up the dart points a bit and I'll have to look out for that next time. I like the knit yoke and long sleeves, which make the dress comfy to wear and appropriate for colder weather. The plaid fabric is prone to crinkling, but since it feels more like a lounging-around dress than something to dress up in, that's totally fine.

I also finished a pair of woolen reading mitts for my mom and a black microfiber "regular guy" beanie for my stepdad. Totally forgot to take a picture of the hat before I sent it off today, which is a shame because I had totally thought of a fun pun to go with it! It's a regular guy beanie with a twist! (Meaning after two inches of 2x2 ribbing I made a stitch and then knitted k7p1, so there was a swirl of purl stitches going up the hat. No, I didn't think of it myself, but I seem to have lost my original inspiration..)
Maybe I can get my stepdad to send me a picture of him wearing it...

Before I finish for today, I wanted to thank you all for the lovely comments on my New Year's review&goal post! While I sew mostly because it makes me happy to wear all the fun garments I make, one of the coolest things about this whole sewing adventure is getting to be a part of a worldwide community of incredibly awesome and inspirational sewing bloggers. Yes, that means you! Thank you for being there, for writing blogs about your garments, about your successes and mistakes, for commenting, for thinking up awesome challenges, sew-alongs and tutorials. Thank you for being the bright spots among the jeans wearing masses, for being creative, for being inspirational!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Very nice colour! I'm terrified of sewing plaids so in my books you are a brave (and stylish) soul.

  2. Passt, ist Lustig und sieht 100% originel aus.
    LG Marion

  3. Tolles Kleid, ich glaube ich versuche auch mmal ein Macaron mit langem Arm, deine Version ist ausgesprochen gelungen.
    LG, Claudia

  4. To oooh more wonderfulness from you! Lovely lovely bright and stylish macaron. It's so perfectly cute. And more polka dots than I think I have ever seen together in a private stash!!

  5. you just can't have too many polka dots!

  6. You are so cute in your polka dots and plaid!! Even your umbrella matches too!

  7. I agree, never too many polka dots! And the new one is clearly different than the others, it has irregular big and small dots.:) I love the new long-sleeved Macaron!

  8. I love this collette pattern, but maybe it´s difficult for my level... I need polka dots fabric!!!!! Lovely!! And so cheap!

  9. Wow, that's a lot of polka dots! But hey, if they make you happy, no such thing as too much. ;) I like the plaid dress! (And on a random note, it made me really happy that I remembered what "Mittwoch" meant after I saw your title. Ah, high school German.)

  10. I'm not normally a fan of the Macaron but, wow, I'm loving your teal plaid fabric so much! And your wellies, love a good pair of wellies!

  11. This outfit completely rocks!!! I adore the dress so much and you know how much I love polka dots :) Awesome job, doll!

  12. Absolutely love the winter Macaron & the super bright plaid ( I think it might be my favourite Macaron I've seen). I really need to dust off the wool plaid in my stash I've been eyeing up what seems like forever!

  13. I love the long sleeves. It looks great for a chilly winter date.

  14. Joyfully colored. Colorful joy. You said it best!!! You're the polka dot queen :)

  15. That dress is super cute! I've been wanting to get some Colette patterns recently, especially because my dress form just arrived in the mail!

  16. Adorable!!! Now I want to do one with sleeves! :)