Monday, February 27, 2012

a spring cardi knit-along

Hi there! I'm back from Oxford and I had a wonderful time! I also visited London, the famed Goldhawk Road and even Walthamstow market and found some very nice fabrics and charity shop items... but I haven't had time to upload my pictures yet, so more about that later. Actually, it feels like I've been meaning to share about a dozen things or so with you, that I haven't got to, yet. Shame. *g* I won't get to it today, either. I've got my internship introduction later. I'm so excited, and slightly nervous. I hope they're all nice...

Anyway. Spring Cardi knitalong. I think I mentioned it before, it's hosted at Cat&Kascha's (a German blog, as Ali had to find out - if you also want to join, I can tell you the gist about it, though :) and I'm pretty late in joining. I'd been supposed to post inspirations on Feb. 6 and my pattern and yarn last week, and today is all about the yarn and gauging square. Needless to say, I haven't quite settled on either a yarn or a pattern yet.

I've been thinking quite a bit, and looking through Ravelry for patterns, and I think it will be in my best interests to make a long-sleeved, cropped, bolero-like cardi. Most of my spring  and summer dresses are tight around the midriff and then turn full or a-line (or, like the Crepe, have a cute bow at waist hight) and longer cardis tend to bunch up the skirt, which I don't think looks all that flattering. That actually does limit the available patterns quite a bit, a lot of the jackets are longer or have short sleeves. Here are some cute ones (the photos link to the ravelry page):

Now, the following two I really, really like. I'm thinking I could just lengthen the arms a bit, and for the second one, maybe shorten the ribbing so it would be the right length.
The first one is worked in one piece, though, so I'm not quite sure if I'd be able to actually lengthen the sleeves. Maybe a nice option for a second, more summery shrug? Then of course, there are the basic-but-boring options:
As for the color, I've been thinking about more spring-like options like coral or grass-green, but when I think in terms of versatility, I think I need to make it navy. I have shrugs in red and black already, and thrifted a coral short-sleeved one in Oxford, and I think navy would complement about half my dresses - which is a good ratio, right?

I had a look around the internet for yarn, but I'm not quite sure if I like that. I want to see the colors in person and touch the yarn. So I'm going shopping tomorrow afternoon. I've been thinking about merino wool (because it feels so yummy!) and cotton mixes. We'll see what I can find.

Which pattern would you knit up for a spring cardi? Are you knitting anything for spring?

Hope you have a great week!
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  1. Glad all is going well for you. To be honest I like all the patterns, but I agree that middle two are the best!

  2. Well, as a non-knitter, I'd looove if someone knitted me either of the options in the third pair of photos :)

  3. Hallo Alessa,
    schön, dass du auch mitstrickst. Mir gefällt deine Auswahl an Modellen unheimlich gut. Ich glaube, wir haben da einen ähnlichen Geschmack.
    Achso, und ich will bitte ganz viele schöne Bilder von London sehen, denn ich bin so neidisch!

    Liebe Grüße

  4. I really like the Something Lacy Shrug! In fact, I just went to Ravelry and downloaded the pattern. :)

  5. Lovely!!! Sweet shrugs. My fave has to be the first lacy blue one ...

  6. All gorgeous but I like the blue lacy one at the start first too.I like the sleeve edges.
    Have fun!

  7. Such lovely designs! I really love that second to last creamy colour Drops Design shrug. Sooo beautiful!