Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pyjama Party!

Hi there, everyone! Are you in your PJs already, sipping tea and cocoa (or maybe some margueritas or gin&tonics!), nibbling on cookies and jumping on the bed like our lovely host Karen?

I actually wasn't quite sure if I would be able to finish my PJs in time. I had zero sewing time in the last few weeks, but finally managed to stitch my Madeleine shorts yesterday, before meeting fellow sewing blogger Schildi to stroll over the market at Crellestraße. I finished them this morning and then added the top. I totally forgot that the Sorbetto is a total breeze to sew. I might have finished it in a hour if not for the self-made bias tape! :D

So here's my ensemble:
The fabric I used is from an Ikea bedsheet, so it's very PJ-appropriate. ;) Sorbetto is made from the pillowcase (I had to piece the back since I'd already made lavender pillows from it) and Madleine from the back of the sheet. I saved the front for a sundress (my plans were for a Colette Chantilly or a Sewaholic Lonsdale) but now I'm torn - would that be too cute and bedsheet-y?

I made the Madeleine in my suggested size L, but had to take in the side seams by about an inch each. They're still a bit ballooney, but cute.

The I finished the seams with a mock French seam, my first time and I like it a lot! :D I also like the double elastic row at the waist, which makes for nice gathers.
I had a Sorbetto in sz. 10 already cut out, so I used it again even though the last was too big, so I took in the side seams by two size lines (about half an inch). I also totally forgot the lower the darts. They sit about an inch above the apex of my bust! I'll have to trace a better version soon...
To save time, I used the finished seams of the pillowcase as hem, which made for not-quite-trued side seams, but only by a couple millimeters. The seams  are finished with zigzagging...
On to my current reading! I don't actually read in bed anymore, as I always manage to go to bed too late, now that I have to get up at an ungodly time every morning. I manage to read on the tube or train, though, when I'm too tired to take out my knitting. My current read is "House of God" by Samuel Shem, a very ironic and slightly horrifying novel about life as a medical intern in the 70s. I'm not sure how much truth is in there. It's supposed to be based on a true story, and Shem is actually a medical doctor, so it might as well be based on truth. If it is, I'm so glad I'm not living in the 70s...
The book in the photo is "The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime" by Marc Haddon, which I read a while ago and left next to my bed. It's a beautiful book about an autistic kid investigating the murder of a dog. If you haven't read it, go do so!

And now on to the obligatory jumping-on-the-bed, which only took about a dozen tries to get right! :D
So, the verdict for my new PJ ensemble? I'm actually still wearing it now, since the weather turned summery yesterday and it makes for lovely summer lounge clothes. :) I haven't tried sleeping in it yet, but so far it's very comfy!

Hope you're having an equally lovely weekend!


  1. What a cute PJ ensemble! I love the roses and checks together - so cute! It turned cold here last night; -5 C!

  2. I love the use of different fabrics too. And the last picture of you is so much fun!!!

  3. Summer? What is this summer of which you speak? Great pjs!

  4. they are so pretty and utterly cute!

  5. What a sweet ensemble...I love it!

  6. Amazingly cute, without being too sweet and this seems so much your style. I have wanted to make those bloomers for ages, and this pair looks perfect for jumping on the bed or lounging about.

  7. That's awesome. Proper summer pyjamas! Oh for some sun...

  8. Love the colette pjs alessa! Pretty fabric and perfect for summer. Great action shot too!!!

  9. I love how you paired a floral pattern with plaid - I think it is a sweet and unexpected combination. Great job with capturing the jump on camera ;)

  10. This is just darling! I cannot beleive it is made from an IKEA bedsheet. So clever and so so cute!

  11. Hey,

    die Shorts sind superschön! *haben-will*. Aber wie machst du das Oberteil zu? Der Stoff ist meiner Erinnerung (von heute morgen im Bett, denn wer hat diesen Stoff nicht ;-)) nicht sehr stretchy, oder?


  12. That jumping on the bed picture is AWESOME!!!! Love your two fabulous pieces - they look sooooo comfy!

  13. Haha seriously cute! I need to sew some comfy shorts for summer too.