Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MMMay Days 15-21

Oh wow, is May really 2/3 over already? I also only have 4 weeks of the first part of my internship left, my second term, in internal medicine is starting next month. Oh boy...

I have been faithfully wearing me-mades, although I didn't get a photo last Thursday. It was anniversary day. I wore my me-made rose pyjamas and had champagne in bed. ;)

Day 15: coral Ottobre longsleeve and blue polka-dot skirt (self-drafted), in front of the gate to the Berlin Zoo.
Day 16: navy linen trousers (self-drafted), striped tee (traced) and Horeshoe cardingan in front of the lone, still standing wall of  Anhalter Bahnhof.
Day 18: Friday! The flickr group challenge was green, so aside from putting on my green knit tunic (half traced, half self-drafted) with me-made leggings (traced) I climbed a tree (in the park next to the Kanzleramt, during a game of frisbee). I added bust darts to the tunic, btw. As the side seams were sewn with a twin needle, that was the fastest piece of unpicking I have ever done! Now there's less wrinkles under the bust. Success!
Day 19: black&white jersey dress (traced) on one of my uni campuses. I don't think the hem really is asymmetric, but I tend to pull the back down while cycling...
Day 20: new knit-yoke strawberry Macaron, on one of the lovely bridges of Kreuzberg. You'll get a slightly more in-depth post about that one, soon. :)
Day 21: red skirt (refashioned/shortened) and striped tee (traced). Also, see the Llama? This is the back part of the Zoo (front gate seen in the first picture) which can be seen from a little path along the river that is part of my cycle home from work. I'll need to take a picture with the awesome orange birds next door, too!

Is anyone else getting a bit exhausted by this whole me-made month? It's not even so much the wearing of me-mades (which I do a lot, anyway) or even the picture documentation (I like trying to think of new locations to show you)... I think it's my own wish to keep up with all of you and your lovely me-mades. My reader has pretty much exploded with posts, I have hardly had a look at the flickr group for more than a week, even though that is one of my favorite parts, finding new people to blog-stalk... although I really shouldn't as I can hardly manage to read through the 250+ posts that have accumulated by the end of the week as it is... and now with summer approaching, I can actually think of better things to do than sit in front of the computer all day... Ah well, 10 more days and we're at least back to normal. :)

Have a lovely week, and rock your me-mades, everyone!


  1. I love love love what you wore on Day 18. The color combination is what caught my eye. Although MMM month may have worn you out, please know that I really enjoy seeing all the things you have sewn. It is inspiring me to make more and more :)

  2. You are doing a great job, I love the interesting places for the photos! The green tunic looks like a great staple and I love day 19!

  3. I love all the outfits,and it has been fun to see bits of Berlin. Hope you are not feeling too frazzled.x

  4. I agree with Minnado on both points...all so lovely!
    I too have not managed to keep up with comments on Flickr, which I feel very guilty about,but there are so many pictures being added that I just lost it!
    Happy belated anniversary too!

  5. Alessa your efforts for MMM'12 are so worth it - the pictures with different backdrops are so interetsing & I do love your style & colour - it's great to see all your me mades out & about. That Strawberry Macaron looks GORGEOUS!!

  6. I'm loving this tour of Berlin that you're taking us on! That looks like a beautiful new Macaron - can't wait to see the full post. I try to go to the flickr once a day but I must admit I don't get through everybody's photos; I just do what I can! It stays around so I can always go back later when I need a little inspiration. ;)

  7. Great outfits - love the new Macaron. Can't wait to see a full post on it!

    Great picture locations too - I should probably thought of doing that but I usually never manage to get a picture of my outfit till I'm at home.

  8. You have such fun outfits and photoshoots, I love them!

  9. I think the green top with the red Chucks is my favorite--it's so casual and fun!

    And I agree about the end-of-month exhaustion, for the same reasons-- I tried adding as many of the blogs as I could to my reader feed (in a separate folder) and am now trying to decide which ones I'd like to continue to follow after MMM is over. Kind of tough when MMM takes over and I don't have an idea of regular content. I know for me, it's also blogging exhaustion--I'm not making much sewing progress right now, and I'm kind of getting tired of writing outfit posts and not having any new projects to show!

  10. champagne in bed? sounds lovely! And I adore your new macaron! It's so delightful! Yes, I am totally exhausted by Me Made May - I love seeing people's outfits but you're right, my reader is exploding. I also feel that my backgrounds are severely lacking without a llama. I need to find a llama stat as the month is almost over!