Sunday, June 3, 2012

MMMay Days 27-31

Before I start with the last few outfits of Me-made May 2012, look what I did! I've been thinking about making a purse for practically forever, but usually the thoughts of another pretty dress get in the way. So of course the only thing that could actually make me stitch up something I can't wear is SFO, stitching for others. My lovely friend Maike had her birthday last week, and as she loves all things sweet and handmade, this seemed like the thing.
The fabric is home-deco weight, bought in NZ, and I feel slightly silly that I didn't think to interface it, as it's still a bit too drapey. But pretty! I also missed out on installing a closure, but it has a divider and two little pockets inside. The pattern is based on the Phoebe bag but bigger. I have the sinking feeling that I may have to make myself a purse out of the rest of the fabric, too. And maybe a simple A-line skirt? There may be enough left...

Sooo, along to MMMay!
Day 27: birthday-party-in-the-park outfit, striped summer dress and lacy shorts.
 Day 28: floral macaron in front of the Chancellor's Office. Hi, Ms. Merkel!
Day 29: cut-out jersey dress, in front of the Statue of Victory.
Day 30: boring but I felt like it, polka-dot jersey dress in Tiergarten, Berlin's big central park.
Day 31: I went with a Zoe-inspired outfit and posed in front of a red door to say thanks for organizing MMMay again this year. :) Navy linen trousers and striped tee, the shrug is from a swap-meet with my friends.

Sooo, another me-made month over. *sniff* I can't believe it is June already, time really does fly. I have a little bit of an exciting thing for June, to be revealed later today. :) And life is going to stay exciting, with my new internship term starting in two weeks.

Anyway, I thought I might also do a quick round-up of the clothes I wore this month. I tried to wear everything weather-appropriate at least once, but there were garments that didn't get worn at all.
  • my red Crepe dress. I kinda feel that my Crepe dresses aren't quite everyday appropriate... more like Sunday Tea dresses, you know? I do love to wear them, but don't often have the opportunity.
  • my polka-dot Sorbetto. Don't quite know how that happened, but I guess I'm not really happy with the fit, same goes for the red peasant blouse...
  • my cherry blossom skirt and Elvis skirt. I don't really own any matching me-made tops, and as I was going for whole outfits this time around, they didn't work. I need a black jersey top.
  • my lace-refashioned denim skirt. The lace insertion is a bit wonky, but I'm not quite sure why that one missed out. Possibly because all those jersey dresses are way more comfy?
There were also clothes that got multiple wears.
  • My navy linen trousers were worn on 5 days! Duh, they're my only pair of me-made trousers.
  • My striped tee got four wears. I guess it's both the mix-and-match aspect of separates and the fact that I have very few summer tops? Like, three?
  • My polka-dot jersey dress and striped summer jersey dress each got worn three times, the wild print jersey dress twice. They're just so comfy! My green tunic (two wears) falls into this categroy, too.
  • My two Macaron dresses also got worn twice each. I love the pattern and may need another one!
  • My new summer cardi is only shown on 4 days, but was with me almost every day, to be worn when it got colder. Win! I've already ordered some green yarn for another, similar one.
Verdict? I go for comfy more times than not. I think I'd be happy with a wardrobe made out of only knit/jersey dresses! There are a couple of garments I'm not quite comfortable with, and I'll have to think about making them work better for me or ditching them. Other than that, I feel like my me-made wardrobe is quite versatile and can stand up to daily life. Yay! Things missing: I may need another pair of pants and a couple more tops.

Heve you learned any important lessons from this year's me-made month?


  1. Tolle Bilder!!! Tolle Outfits und die Tasche ist echt süüüß :)))


  2. In a lot of ways, this is my favorite part of MMM, reading how other people are thinking about their wardrobes (Roo did a great post the other day too). I'm with you on knit/jersey dresses and a few separate staples that can get me through the month. I had hardly any separates so I wore lots of dresses in May, but I did long for at least one more skirt or top (I had one, just one!)

  3. I love that purse, the fabric is just wonderful! I think you did a great job with MMM, and you have a very wearable hand made wardrobe. I still haven't done a post with final thoughts, but I learned that I could use a few more casula pieces (okay, I don't have any, so I need at least one or two).

  4. Sweet SFO bag! Lovely fabric. I'm slowly catching up with my blog reading & your MMM was a treat as ever - great pics (LOVE the air shot!) & it's such a pleasure seeing your (many) knits in dots & rich colours! I agree that knit dresses are just SO easy ... I always enjoy wearing mine & also I didn't wear my Crepe dress until a wedding this last weekend - it doesn't quite seem right for work!

  5. I enjoyed your posts so very much! It was like a travel diary every day :) Your outfits are so delightful, and that purse is divine! I definitely think you need to make one for yourself or a skirt to wear - either would be lovely!

  6. the park picture is really should frame it! Well done on the cut-out dress...perfect!