Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm not sewing...

Huh. How come that I seem to always want to start my posts with either lamentations about how busy life is or complaints about the weather, or both?

Ok, possibly because both are bugging me a bit and both seem to have a negative influence on my sewing mojo (who wants to sew breezy tops and floaty dresses while wearing thick knitted socks and a pullover, I ask you? Also, my current internship placement is not quite living up to my expectations. The people are nice, mostly, but there don't seem to be a lot or learning opportunities. More like a lot of routine work. Hmpf. And we're looking for a new - bigger! - apartment! Exciting, but also a lot of work.). I have not sewn a stitch since finishing my mom's Rooibos.

And is May really going down as this year's one month of summer?

Anyway, enough with complaining. A lot of incredibly awesome things also happened: For my birthday, my boyfriend took me on a helicopter flight to an incredibly romantic dinner! My family got me a beautiful rose-fabric-covered dress form (which hasn't found its way over here yet, but I hope it'll arrive soon) - and apart from the waist being a bit smaller, it even has my exact measurements! And the rest of my friends are sending me on a gourmet raw food candle light dinner with my boyfriend tonight! It's bound to be pretty interesting, isn't it?
Heh. My polka-dot Crepe and the helicopter match. :D

Also, a couple of days ago I had an envelope in my mailbox coming from NY. Who could send me something from New York, I wondered? It was Oona, who was sending her Paying it Forward package! Three cute fabric bangles, and some very cool labels, a CD with her favorite jump around songs and some polka dot fabric - can you imagine the huge smile on my face? Thank you, Oona! :D
Now, to show you that my hands haven't been totally idle, here is some knitting progress. As the weather hasn't been nice enough to cycle to work most mornings, the 40min bus ride provided a perfect opportunity for a few rows of stockinette, which is just easy enough to do before eight o'clock in the morning, when my brain hasn't fully woken up yet.
After the Where's Waldo socks, there's a red lace shrug on my to-knit list. And after that? There's a myrad of possibilities... I bought some Drops yarn during spring sale. A big lace shawl in aqua, maybe? A green merino Miette? We'll see...

So, are you knitting or sewing at the moment? Is summer a busy or a lazy time for you?


  1. here here with the lamentations on the weather! I have some cut out and half sewn projects that I really need to finish and have some new fabric to make new items with which I'm really excited about.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic dinner!

  2. What a fabulous birthday celebration!

    But I feel you on the weather. It has zapped me from motivation. I have two patterns ready to sew and I can't make myself do it. No amount of trying to convince myself works. Maybe next week :)

    Hope your dinner is great!

  3. I've been sewing like a mad woman lately for a trip in August, but I was an a huge knitting kick earlier this summer and I have two almost finished pieces. :)

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday greetings. I am intrigued to hear about the gourmet raw food meal. The helicopter ride sounds like a wonderful birthday surprise. And a dress form? That's one of my ideal gifts! Summmer here has been crazily busy with extra events due to the jubilee and olympics. I have been doing only a little sewing - managed to sew some of my blue traveller dress this week. But I have projects backed up and planned! Just no free time :(

  5. Eeee! Th Waldo socks are amazing... and your yarn stash is exactly the colour palatte I love! I'm glad you had a good birthday - I'll wish some of our North American heat and drought over on you to ease your weather woes!

  6. Wow! Those socks are awesome! What a fabulous birthday you had - well-deserved, I might add :) I am not sewing right now - taking a break until Macaron starts - but am crocheting. It has been beyond scorching this summer and, like Gillian, I'm happy to send you some of the heat!

  7. Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a lot of fun...

  8. Happy Birthday!!!
    Sounds like you had a fun time.I love your striped socks!
    I agree about the bad weather affecting ones desire to sew summery stuff.I have not sewn a thing for weeks and have just been concentrating on woolly stuff.

  9. Happy birthday Alessa!! I'm so glad you are having some wonderful treats, you deserve them :)
    I just adore those striped socks!! Gaw-juss!!
    I am sewing and knitting up a storm lately. I go through periods of intense interest and enthusiasm about sewing, and then times of not so much. Right now is one of the former!

  10. Happy belated birthday! you are so stylish with your matching Crepe! I love all your yarn I am sure you will make something super cool.
    I am currently struggling with my Crepe...Technically I am a size 4 but size 0 bodice is still too big. I have also been making small presents for my family