Friday, August 10, 2012


It's been quite a while since I posted anything about the lovely, inspirational, instructive things that float around the internet and sometimes find their way onto my Pinterest boards. Here are a few of the sewing-related links that have excited me in the past month or so:

Experiencing diagonal drag lines on your tops or dress bodices? Here are two interesting posts on drafting or correcting armholes by Madalynne: How to correct armhole balance and The relationship between across shoulders, across front and across back.

Also, an interesting post on the question of sleave-cap ease really being necessary?

Vintage illustrations on making cute rick-rack flowers via What-I-Found.

Sallie-oh's great guest post on Madalynne's blog featuring lots of tricks on how to make your home-made jeans look smooth and professional:

Did you hear about the new indie pattern line Cake Patterns (name inspired by the cake vs. frosting debate) by 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World? The first pattern is the Tiramisu dress. :D

I love this travel vanity case by DIY Dixie!

Have you found any worthwile links recently?


  1. Thanks for including the pic of the new Cake dress! I was looking for a picture of it the other day, and couldn't remember what her first pattern is going to look like - but that looks like a great basic dress!

  2. I love 3 hours past and the idea for Cake patterns! And I want to make that dress already. Thanks for sharing!

    The best thing I've read online lately is not about sewing, it's about food, fabulous everyday food and how we value it and fit it in with the rest of life, really thought provoking, on The Yellow House.

  3. Pinterest has soooo much to inspire! I limit myself to one evening a week now :) I just love looking at the fashion images, I find there so much to inspire me; colours, shades, shapes and lengths. My current favourite is a board called Grey.Gris (, and another site called Habitat.