Wednesday, September 12, 2012

polka-dotted come-back

Oh hai there. Seems like I've been awol for quite a bit. This whole working-full-time thing, combined with a 2 hour commute, takes up lotsa time - but hey, just two more weeks! After that, I change internship placements once again, and while I get to get to start work an hour earlier (at an ungodly 7 a.m.) that also means I get to leave earlier. Yes! ;)

Anyway, it wasn't all work in the last 4 weeks. Since I don't get off more than a day or two a week during internship, my parents and sister decided to spend their summer holidays in Berlin, and came to visit for two and a half weeks! This of course meant very little sewing time, but lots of fun going window shopping, trying out new restaurants and bars, enjoying an awesome rock'n'roll concert (The Baseballs! a very awesome, Berlin-based, 50s inspired band) and exploring the city. :) And spending quality time, of course. (Oh. And looking for apartments. We're going to move into a bigger one in November. Yay, more room for fabric and a sewing nook!)

But wait, there actually was some sewing involved. My sister and I collaborated on a baby blanket for our newest half sibling (by my father).
We were supposed to keep the colours gender neutral, as the parents wanted to be surprised, but somehow or other it seems that rather a lot of pink managed to find its way in, even though my father was very sure that it was going to be a boy... Seems as our intuition was pretty good, though, as little Charlotte was born yesterday morning. :D Hehehe.

And there is another finished object I haven't had the time to present, yet, even though it has been finished and frequently worn for almost 4 weeks now.
It's a typical Alessa project - meaning it came together in a rather haphazard way. The fabric was originally meant for a half-circle skirt, but this spring after making the blue polka-dot dress, I knew I needed a red twin for it, so I started cutting out pattern pieces from the 1m of rayon jersey. Needless to say they didn't fit, even though I cut the bodice pieces smaller than usual and used my raglan-sleeved (self-drafted) pattern. I decided that it needed a midriff-band in white, and possibly white sleeve bands and a peter pan collar anyway, but for ages could't find any appropriate white jersey! Everything was either incredibly flimsy or lycra or off-white, so in the end I bought a white t-shirt with the right fiber content second hand. And because the rayon jersey turned out to be incredibly stretchy, in the end I even had to take in the sides and shorten the hem to get a good fit...
So. The facts: 
Fabric: exactly 1m of rayon jersey, from the Holland fabric market, plus a thrifted t-shirt.
Pattern: traced raglan-sleeved bodice plus slightly-less-than-half-circle skirt
Notions: none at all
Time to Complete: 5 months? 5 hours? something in between... ;)
First Worn: to choir practice, and lotsa times since then.
Thoughts: This must be my most worn garment this summer, no matter that it is only 4 weeks old. I love the colour and the polka dots, they make me incredibly happy. It's incredibly comfortable. I really like how the capsleeves turned out, and the same goes for the crewneck finish, which looks cute and does a lot to stabilize the neckline, because the main fabric is rather flimsy and stretches out easily. I did a baby hem, which turned out well, too. The only sad thing is that it has already started to pill a bit, especially on the side where I wear my purse/bag...

I have a feeling that this concludes my summer sewing, even though I didn't get in even a third of the projects I had originally planned (half of which were actually left over from last summer). Maybe some of them can carry over into fall, if ever I find some time in between internship, looking for apartments, organizing the move, and all the other social committments (cooking with friends or sewing? Hmmm... ;)

Also, here's a little vid of my favorite Baseballs song, which I'm pretty sure you might like...
Anyway. Hope you're having a lovely time, wherever you are!


  1. I love your polka dot dress! I bet you are super duper happy wearing it! :) Here's to a less crazy internship!

  2. Congratulations on your new little sister, Charlotte! That is such wonderful news :)
    Your new dress is absolutely lovely and very you. I think of you every time I see polka dot fabric. One day I would really like to make my own Alessa dress too.

  3. Another beautiful, happy creation! Thanks for the introduction to the Baseballs too - fun!

  4. it does look very summery! good luck for your new internship

  5. Congratulations on the little sister!
    Polka dress is just beautiful and very you!

  6. The dress is lovely. I can see why you have worn it so much. congratilations on the new sister - how exciting. xx

  7. Oh yes, a totally ales sea dress!! I love it too and it's a shame that it's getting worn already but It prob won't show and it will only be you that knows its like that, because this dress deserves more than one season, doesn't it!? Love the contrast waist and neckline and the fact love all of it and you look great wearing it. Win ! And congrats too xx

  8. That is a great dress! Looks beautiful on you. And the blanket is really lovely. Congratulations on the new sister.

  9. Congratulations on the latest member to join your family! How sweet that you and your sister collaborated on a blanket for Charlotte. I agree with everyone else, the red dress looks so cheerful and beautiful on you.

    I once had this job where I worked the 8-4, 9-5, and 10-6 shift. Its funny but I liked the 8-4 shift the best by far - get in early, get out early. Even though I would run before work when I didn't have to get in until 10, something about heading in when everybody else was well into the swing of things, always made my day seem so much more hectic. But I know plenty of people love those later hours when nobody's around - that's when they get their serious thinking done. So maybe you'll enjoy the early shift too :-). Here's hoping! 7 is AWFULLY early, especially if you still have a 1-hour commute ...

  10. That dress basically have your name on it, Alessa. And you look fantastic in it! I love the collaborative blanket idea, and congrats on a new little sister! I bet she´s gonna be one spoiled lil´sister when it comes to cute handmade dresses and accessories! :-) Hope you´ll get more time for sewing once you settle in on your new workplace!

  11. Congratulations on the new family member! Nothing could be better for a sewing come-back than that polka dot dress!

  12. wow! your internship seems pretty intense. Kudos goes out to you for sticking with it girl. Best part is that you have managed to squeeze in some sewing. Love all the projects!

    Oh, and congrats on the new baby!

  13. What is a Peter Pan collar? Is there also a Tinker Bell hat ;-))

  14. Hello polka dots seamstress !
    I've just posted a picture of what I made with the great fabric you sent me.
    Hope you 'll find time to have a look.
    Thanks again !