Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here's to franken-patterning! :D Seems like altering existing patterns to knock off a different look is quite on trend, my recent favorite example being Gillian's Macarony (actually, she called it Maca-ny Peo-ron, but I go for less subtlety...). I tried to get the look of Simplicity 2451 by using my only vaguely A-line skirt pattern, Meringue from the Colette Sewing Handbook, as a base. Hence: Meringuity.

For a first attempt, otherwise known as muslin, it's almost wearable. Almost, because I cut out two identical back pieces, thinking that in a solid woven fabric, the right and left side should look the same. Enter a twill weave. Yeah. Not so much. It needs a close look to my backside to notice, though, so I've actually already worn it out and about. Also, the pleats are slightly asymmetrical. Because I'm a slapdash sewist. But oh well.
It haz pockez. Also, new short hair.
Apart from that, and the fact that even after taking it in about a centimeter on both sides, it's still a wee bit big, it nicely fills the gap of basic, neutral skirt in my wardrobe, and actually works nicely with all of my me-made longsleeves!

The pattern alteration really wasn't all that difficult. I used the "adding a waistband" tutorial on the Coletterie, made it curvy in the front instead of straight, and added two pleats and a pocket on each side of the skirt. Next time, I'd try to get the pleats to lie more at an angle instead of straight down, and change the curve of the waistband a bit.
The facing and pocket linings are made of some polka-dot poly-lycra scraps, leftover from my first Sorbetto, and I hemmed it by hand with some lace tape. Notice the difference in right and left side of the fabric. In my defense, it was an overcast day, and I didn't have enough fabric to cut a second back piece...
The last mishap was using a zipper that wouldn't stay closed for the heck of it, which made me learn how to install a hook and eye. Another technique checked! ;-)

Now I'm wondering if I really need an improved version of Meringuity in red corduroy (which I don't have in my stash yet), or if it would be a better idea to wait and see if I can acquire an actual Simplicity 2451 pattern for my next try. It's not a pressing decision though, as I really should pack up my sewing things for the move that will hopefully happen at the end of the month...!

Before I hop to bed, if anyone reading my blog should be in NYC this weekend, I have a recommendation for you! A very good friend of mine, talented singer/songwriter Lili Sommerfeld, is having her first gig in New York this weekend! She's playing in The Path Café (Westvillage) on Friday from 7-8 p.m. and at the Somethin' Jazz Club in Midtown Manhattan on Saturday starting at 9 p.m. Both even have free cover! I could tell you dozens of wonderful things about her, but before I embarrass either of us, I'll just leave you with a video of one of the songs from her album.
Oh, and a song with loop station. Because that's just really cool. :D
Have a lovely, lovely rest of the week, wherever you are!


  1. Your skirt is super cute. I love the pleating on it, and the polka-dot details.

  2. Cute! I love the pockets, and I'm pretty sure that no one will notice anything a bit off, I would say go ahead and wear it. :) I go through that same debate with myself, whether to use a pattern or alter something that I know fits me. If you decide you want that pattern, let me know, I might be able to grab one cheap over here.

  3. Cute skirt! And cute hair! Thanks for sharing the videos of your friend. What an amazing voice! She is awesome. Will she be in Paris ever?

  4. That´s a cute skirt! I love that you´ve managed to squeeze in some polka-dots there too! :-) Such a great and basic skirt, that I´m sure will get lots of wear!

  5. Your skirt is so cute! and looks like it will be incredibly useful with the colours you have already. I adore that polka dot pocket lining.... :)

  6. Love the new skirt! Looks like it will go with a lot in your wardrobe. I can also look out for a cheap copy of the pattern ;-) ... I could totally see you making one up in red!

  7. PS: also love the outift you're modeling!

  8. Such a cute and versatile skirt and what great frankenpatternation! Another skirt in red cord sounds very desirable. What a talented friend you have! xx
    PS: liking the new hair. xx

  9. LOL - I didn't even think of Macarony until a week after posting about that dress - but you are right, it would have been a MUCH better name! :) Especially since I've had a life-long love for cheap mac and cheese!

    Your skirt looks great! I love the secret polka dots and lace. Details like that are what make handmade clothing so fun to wear!

  10. good for you for taking pattern making into your own hands. I think you did a pretty good job in my opinion

  11. Excellent name for it :)
    I bought Simplicity 2451 and have started cutting it out. I'd say that what makes it look A-line-ish is the pleats at the top - the pattern pieces look more like they'll make a pencil skirt. That's probably not a very good description really but might be useful?