Monday, October 8, 2012

Self-Stitched Weekend and Things I like

Hi everyone! First of all, thanks so much for all your suggestions and offers regarding Simplicity 2451! I may revisit them at some point, as I'm still rather intrigued by the pattern, but for now, I think I've made a fair approximation out of the Meringue pattern from the Colette Handbook. It's even almost finished (well, the hopefully wearable muslin is, more about that at a later point), but still requires some hand sewing - after I've taken it in a couple of centimeters. Yay!

I thought I might show you a couple of outfit posts from last week(end), when I met my parents about halfway between our homes (read, in the middle of Germany) for a bit of a spontaneous wine-tasting vacation.
We stayed in a rather cute little village near Würzburg. Cute enough that I'd call it kitschy if I didn't come from an equally cute little town myself. Oh and look, stripes look cute with strawberries, too. Plus, new boots. In red. I ♥.
By the way, every third house in that village was a winery. Okay, maybe every fifth one. But still, loads. I won't tell you how many different wines I tasted in the three days. Loads. Yum.
I sometimes forget how many beautiful places there are in Germany that I haven't seen yet. I should remember more often.

I thought I could also share some stuff with you that I've ♥ on bloglovin in the last weeks...

Like Zoe's Refashion Fridays, and especially her tutorial on adding a cute collar to a t-shirt. Or a lace front. Pretty!
Or Madalynne teaching us how to correct the fit on raglan sleeves.
More sleeve alterations: How to alter a pattern for forward sloping shoulders.
And last but not least Colette teaching how to sew a fly front - something that I have yet to try!

My first day in Surgery Internship was fine, btw. No 24h shifts for German interns! Gosh I'm glad about that, and with my way to work shortened by about 40 mins and beginning 45 mins earlier, there really is a whole lot of afternoon left after work! Wahoo! (We'll see how I do on my first "real" day tomorrow... ;-)

Have a lovely week, everyone!


  1. You self-stitched outfits are so cheerful, I love them. I've never visited Germany (or most of Europe), but your pictures are really making want to go.

    I'm glad that you are finding more time in your day. Hopefully some very productive sewing will result!

  2. You live in such a beautiful area of the world :)

  3. Your new boots are so cute!!! I love your winery visit outfit, it matches perfect with the landscape :-)

  4. Stripes and Strawberries, now that sounds like a Brit-pop band ca 1998. :-) You look wonderful, and I love the surroundings, I´ve only visited Berlin and Flensburg(!) in Germany, but seeing these pictures makes me want to travel through more of Germany. Lots of wine and gorgeous scenery, what´s not to love? :-)

  5. The village looks so very pretty and good weather too! I have to confess I have never been to Germany but you make it look very appealing. I am jealous of the new boots:) xx

  6. I'm glad the first day of your internship went so well!! And I love all of your outfits, especially those fabulous red boots. A spontaneous wine tasting vacation sounds positively magical!

  7. beautiful surroundings, and it has wine too? what else to ask for! Your outfits are wonderful :D

  8. It looks like a lovely place. I must visit Germany properly some day. Cute red. I am happy you don't have to do 24h long do you have until you're all done?

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