Saturday, December 1, 2012

Settling in

My calender tells me that today is the 1st of December. I've opened the first little door on my advent calender and eaten the little piece of chocolate. There was even a bit of snow on the rooftops when I woke up. It'll be Christmas in no time, and then New Year's Eve, and can somebody tell me where 2012 got to? This year went by crazy fast!

We've been living in our new flat for a month now, and I have no idea if it actually feels way longer or way shorter than that. Actually, it does feel longer. I unpacked the last of the boxes but one (containing our CDs and DVDs) today. It was the rest of my sewing things. Everything else is already unpacked. This flat feels like home. Sitting in bed and having coffee on a weekend morning feels like home. Making dinner in our assembled-with-our-own-hands kitchen feels like home. Slumming around on our brand new red sofa reading the paper feels like home. Even though there are tools scattered all over the room.

The home office still looks chaotic and there's not a stitch of decoration anywhere. We definitely need curtains, since the outer walls and the living-room windows in this hundred-year-old building are not that well insulated. We need art on the walls, and photos. There's still a naked light bulb lighting the home office. We need one more bookshelf, and organizing equipment for my sewing room and desk. And stuff.

You know?


But it does feel like we've come incredibly far in a short time.
Wanna have a look at my new sewing nook?
sewing nook
It's in the sleeping room, right in front of the window. Just a little table and chair, with my two sewing machines on it, and some drawers and boxes. I'll probably need some shelves, too, as right now a lot of stuff (like scraps and current projects) are still in bags.
I wanted an open dresser, which now houses all my clothes (the me-mades are hanging in the middle), my dressy shoes, my sewing stash and on top, some odds and ends.
the stash
I didn't think I had this big a stash, until I saw it all in one place. Well, intellectually, I knew. But I had almost forgotten about some of it. Btw, fabrics are on the three shelves on the left plus on the top one on the right. Sorted loosely by weight and type...
Oh, and two of the drawers in the desk hold refashioning items. And UFOs are in one of the bags. So yes, there is even more...

Now that it's all sorted out, I hope I can finally start stitching again. I've already compiled a huge winter to-sew list, which includes covers for two chairs and two Parfaits made from green and red corduroy, respectively. Also, Christmas presents for my little half brother (t-shirt) and half sister (red corduroy dress, if I can manage). There's also a to-knit list, consisting of two to five pairs of socks, and hats with ears (for the half siblings, obviously). Considering that it took me two months to finish my newest pair of socks ...
It's alpaca wool variegated yarn, from ONline Sockenwolle (which Roobeedoo raved about sometime last winter, which made me buy some, and it really is lovely!) and I used the instructions that came with the yarn for a change, instead of knitting toe-up. I kinda like this way of making the heel.

They also match my outfit today.
the tights and longsleeves are purple, even though you can't see it in this light
Warm and comfy. A definite plus on a cold winter day! :)
Stay warm and have a lovely weekend, wherever you are!


  1. Looks cozy! How wonderful to settle into a place that feels like home :-). Love your little sewing nook and the open closet ... brave woman, not sure I'd have the courage to put it all in the open like that. Must be pretty inspiring to look at!

  2. Happy home!! Your sewing nook looks like it's perfectly placed for inspirational projects with everything on hand. I too love your open wardrobe... It's a pleasure to see it all looking so colourful, but knowing me it would get too messy !

  3. I love it when a house feels like a home so quickly; sometimes it's hard to find. :) Those are beautiful new socks too!

  4. Glad to hear you are settling in! I agree that it's both brave and inspiring to have all your fabric out in the open like that! I share a stash with my mom, I think I might be able to have all the fabric that I'm responsible for in the open, but she has stuff from 30 years ago! It's great to be able to dig through it when I'm looking for something, but I think having it all out in my little studio would get overwhelming! Anyway, good luck with your winter sewing!

  5. Lovely, lovely! I really like your open closet - so much inspiration!!

  6. I'm glad to hear that you're settling in well. I love the open, airy look of your sewing nook/closet!

  7. Looks like a great place... It will be fun to craft there. Don't stress with lightbulbs

  8. Those sock are really, really, gorgeous. They remind me of raspberries, and I LOVE raspberries!
    You're brave with that open dresser... I could never do such a thing as it would mean I'd need to keep it all tidy!! :)

  9. wow, i wish my wardrobe was all out in the open like that. it'd probably force me to be cleaner but also since i could see everything i'd never forget about clothes that i own (or have made, i'm seriously one of those "out of sight out of mind" people.

    and i like your socks, too! great yarn colors

  10. The new home looks great. I love the sound of a red sofa! I like the sewing nook and the open wardrobe too:) Belated good wishes for your new home :) xx

  11. Thanks for your lovely comments and well wishes, everyone!
    I think the open wardrobe will be good for me, as I also tend to forget about clothes I have, and that way they'll always be in sight! I'm pretty sure it won't stay neat and tidy, though, but I won't stress about that. Bedrooms are allowed to have a lived-in look, I think!