Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas Leftovers

There are another couple of things leftover from last year that I haven't blogged about: Christmas presents. What with working and commuting by bike instead of public transport, I only managed to get done a tiny fraction of what I would have liked, so virtually everyone got some homemade spice sirup (to be added to hot milk for a Chai Latte, or to red wine for a hot spiced wine, or to apple juice for punch) or cake-in-a-glass.

I wanted to make something for my two little half siblings, though, and my grandma, who doesn't have a sweet tooth.
This one was made for my half-year-old sister. It's based on the Critter Hat on Ravelry and made of baby merino wool. Aren't the little ears quite cute?
The Owl Hat I made for my three-and-a-half year old brother. It's also made from merino wool - my favorite! I love non-scratchy wool. :) My sister crocheted the eyes and beak (cause she's better with a hook). Isn't it adorable? Both hats were mostly knitted on my way home two days before Christmas. Good thing we took about 9h drive, which meant I could almost finish the both of them.

The pair of socks for my grandma got only started on Christmas Eve, to my eternal shame - and I haven't even finished the first one yet. My grandma is pretty understanding, and knows that I have a lot of stuff on my mind, but I hope to finish the pair of them before visiting next time - at the end of the month.
The pattern is Spring Pools Socks, a very pretty toe-up lace sock pattern (and free!). Even though it's not incredibly complicated, I still haven't memorized the pattern, though, and have to look up every row. Which makes for non-mindless knitting, not easily done while chatting or watching TV... The yarn is a merino sock yarn, which I love because it is soft, warm *and* durable! :D

I've been meaning to try the 30 minutes a day regime to finish the socks, but haven't knitted a stitch since the new year, yet. Bad Alessa.

Do you have anything on your knitting needles right now?


  1. The socks are so lacy and lovely! I'm sure she'll really appreciate them.
    I usually stop knitting after Christmas. I won't finish anything in time to wear it before it gets warm again!

  2. I love the two hats for your siblings, they are so adorable! I rarely knit for others because of the time involved, so far I have only successfully been able to give baby hats as gifts. I'm going to have to look into these two fun patterns that you have used. Good luck getting your grandma's socks knitted!

  3. Cute hats!! I've been way more successful w/ my knitting lately than w/ my sewing...

  4. I usually give a lot of edible gifts too, I love them. And those hats are super cute! I can only think of about 2 people I would take the time to knit a whole pair of socks for, but if my grandma were still here she'd be on the list. Isn't it weird how some patterns take so much longer to figure out in your head than others? I tend to knit only when traveling, but whether on the road or at home I do have a set amount of creative time I aim for, and I do find I get a lot more done that way!

  5. Those hats are adorable - and how fun to be able to knit for little ones! I've got a sweater on my needles at the moment. Casted on right before the holidays and I'm 60% there... hoping to finish by the end of the month.

  6. Cute hats! I'm sure they look adorable on their lucky recipients :-). Those socks look beautiful - I'm sure your grandmother will be delighted with them, whenever they are done. Sometimes I try to eke out a couple minutes to knit each night before bed, as a way of calming down and putting the day to bed, so to speak.