Monday, January 28, 2013

Stashbusting - The Beginning

Oh look, it's me again, even though I wrote my last post two day ago, not two weeks. How did that happen?!? Oh right. I actually have a bit of a backlog of unblogged finished objects right now. I spend most of my time at home currently, and while I do spend about 4-5h a day studying (part of it sitting in bed and sipping coffee, yes!), there is actually time left for other things, like sewing. Awesome!

So, as I said, my two goals for the year are stash busting and finishing my rather large pile of UFOs (oh, and refashions), so for now, I'm switching between finishing up a UFO/unfinished refashion and making something new.

And here is the first pair:

FFO (finally finished object) No. 1: Checkered Skirt
This used to be my second-ever dress, which I was both proud of and not. Proud, because I actually used French seams to finish it! Not, because I fudged sewing the shoulder seams and cut them off to fix them, which made the dress a good inch shorter than actually decent, and also made it pretty ill-fitting in the bodice. So I cut off the bodice to make it into a skirt last winter, and cut some more of the bodice into a facing. I even cut a lining from the rest of the facing fabric (black polka dots on cream!) and seam-ripped the zipper from the bodice to reuse it. And then - I stopped. It was just lacking interfacing and some stitching, can you believe that? Anyway, it's finished now. :)
Before and after. I know which one I prefer...

So, on to SBO (stash busting object) No. 1: Coral Lola
I've had Victory Patterns' Lola for ages, specifically to pair it with this fabric. I've even had it printed out for several months. I've finally made it up because I was missing a (nominally) seasonally appropriate knit dress. My other jersey dresses are pretty thin, and even though they layer reasonably well, it was time for this sweater jersey to become a Lola.
The Facts:
Fabric: just over 1m of coral sweater knit
Pattern: Victory Patterns' Lola, Size 8
Notions: none, actually.
Time to Complete: two episodes of EUREKA to cut out and tape, an unspecified amount of time for cutting and sewing, but it fit into an afternoon
First Worn: right after finishing, first worn in public to my short story circle
Thoughts: I cut a size 8 even though I'm more along the line of a 10-12, but I cut according to finished measurements, because I like my knits rather close-fitting. This was an inspired choice because of my very limited amount of fabric - just over one meter - and even with creative cutting, I just managed to squeeze out the pieces, although I had to make both the hem and sleeve bands a bit skinnier and couldn't cut the hem band on fold. In retrospect, I kinda like the close fit, although I think I'd also like the slightly more relaxed look of my real size. Need to try that out sometime. One thing though: using the sweater knit instead of ribbing and using the smaller size made the sleeve bands feel kinda restricting. I did't have enough fabric to re-cut them, and after a little wear they feel alright, but I'd definitely cut them a little bigger next time!
I really love the princess seams and the fact that there's no side seams - very flattering! I'm also in love with the pockets.
It's extremely comfy, but also kinda pretty, not too slouchy. I like that. I also like the 3/4 sleeves, although longer ones would be warmer for winter, but they kinda keep the look balanced. If I should make one for summer use (and I plan to, even though I don't have any appropriate fabric, yet - Oh, maybe it could be striped!)... one thing I'd change is the neckline. I'm not a huge fan of crew necks on myself, and while it looks alright on this dress, the next one will definitely feature a boat neck! Any maybe short sleeves. And stripes! I'm kinda set on the stripes now (and can you just imagine matching them over princess seams, raglan sleeves and pockets...? Sounds like a challenge. Anyone know a good source of wide navy and white striped sweater knit?).
So, in conclusion? It gets loads of wear, I love the cheerful colour, and I've gotten compliments from both my boyfriend and a couple of guys from my short story circle. They digged the pockets. Success!
(The neckline decoration is some yoyo-flowers I made ages ago for a similarly coloured longsleeve, btw.)

That just leaves two more unblogged FFOs and a handful of scrapbusting on my sewing table. What's on yours?


  1. It looks lovely - cosy and cute, which is a great combo!

  2. Oh Alessa, I love that Lola! It looks flattering and comfy, plus the colour is so nice. The fabric yo-yo is such a nice detail too - well done!

  3. Wow, what a great transformation for that skirt. It definitely flatters your figure much more now :) And I do love the bright and cheery color of your Lola dress. I've never used (or even seen) a sweater knit before, must keep my eye out the next time I'm fabric shopping.

  4. The Lola looks fantastic on you! Princess seams and pockets and that great color = winner winner!

  5. Those pockets are really cool! Refashioning things takes me ages too . . . glad to hear you're making progress!

  6. Great progress! I think the new skirt is very chic and I'd guess a practical make as well, as it'll go with many things and looks so cosy. But then your cosy coral Lola is even more snugly, and such a lovely warm colour. It looks great, you've done a brill job, but no, I don't envy you making a striped version.....!!

  7. Ohhh hoho. I love that color of the fabric for the Lola. Red-orange is such a guilty pleasure color for me. Anyways, yours looks great! Darn those armbands though, mine are still tight.
    It seems Lolas are popping up all over the place, there should have been a sew-along.

  8. The dress looks really cozy! Good luck with the further stashbusting. :)

  9. I'm not half surprised - it's pretty freakin awesome! Love the deep colour on you. And the pockets? seriously cool.