Friday, February 1, 2013

January Scrapbusting: Knickers

So the January theme for the Stash Busting Sew-along was "itty bits/scrap busting", and since I'm really bad at making stuff that is non-wearable (e.g. jewellery, pouches, totes, purses and bags... or possibly child clothing) I decided on getting out my jersey scraps and some elastic lace and making knickers!
The pattern is my own, traces from my favourite pair of undies, and very similar to this (free!) pattern. It originally comes without side seams, which I usually like a lot, but with the limited fabric amount of my scraps, I put in side seams to make the most of them.

The scraps are leftovers of 1. my wild print jersey dress, 2. the lining of my fleece jacket and 3. the hem of a skirt I shortened for a friend. They all came out cute and rather comfy, I think (and nice enough that my sister has announced that she's like to have the rose print one - cheeky gal - and a copy of the pattern and for me to go jersey shopping with her).

Here's a linky party of what itty bits the other stash busters came up with.

What's your favourite itty bit to make from leftover scraps?


  1. Nice! Underwear is somewhere on my to-sew list since I'm sure they're quick to sew up. Just a matter of digging through my scraps and maybe finding something suitable.

  2. Fabulous idea! I'm curious, what kind of lace do you use? I haven't been able to find any sort of lace with elastic in it, which assume is needed for sewing undies.

  3. Those are so cute!! Yes, I'm with you; small jersey scraps are ideal for lingerie. Small woven scraps are really handy for binding, and for pocket and waistband linings etc.

  4. They look sooo good Alessa, well done. My favourite thing to make fromitty bitty scraps? Well if they are really small, I like making yo-yos or suffolk puffs as they are traditionally called in England. I like having a stash of them made up for brooches, hair accessories etc. I also use scraps for pocket linings, facings etc. xx

  5. Popping in form Cation Designs, love your knickers:) I also made some for the January challenge although my elastic went a bit badly so there are no pics of them!


  6. Nicely sewn! Very good use of scraps! :-)

  7. Great idea! My wife has a lot of scrap laces and I think those could still be used for making undies or knickers. I’ll tell suggest this idea to her. I’m pretty sure she’ll love and enjoy doing this.
    -Ted Juhl

  8. cute! i made one version of cloth habit's undies pattern. i like your lace and fabric combos!