Monday, May 6, 2013

Me-Made May Day 1-5

Time flies. My parents were visiting for the long May weekend. The weather was lovely. The plants on my balcony are progressing, it's fascinating how quickly they are growing now that it's warmer. I also bought a few herbs and a couple of strawberry plants. Can't wait for the first fruits to be ripe for picking.

The first three days of May are a little mini-OWOP. Three days, one pattern. I thought I'd build a little separats-Karma and wear my Ottobre raglan tees.
May 1: coral raglan long-sleeve and strawberrry skirt.
May 2: strawberry striped raglan long-sleeve and green corduroy Simplicity 2451 
May 3: torquoise raglan long-sleeve with navy self-drafted pleated skirt
  Then, the weather turned even nicer and I had to go with some of the dresses in my wardrobe.
  May 4: coral Lola, paired with an incredibly cool pair of fake-tattoo tights.
May 5: blue roses McCall's M6011
 I know I promised some German sewing words, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. Do you want the strange/complicated ones? The ones that sound almost like their English counterparts? The ones that every German would know about? The ones that are specialty sewing knowledge?

Maybe we'll start with a couple that are almost like their English counterparts. For example:

Bluse [blu:zə] : can you guess what that means? Yup, it's blouse.

Or I've got another one:

Garn [Garn] : This sounds similar to yarn, and it's used for thicker types of thread, like embroidery or topstitching thread and sometimes also for thinner types of wool, like you use for crocheting.

Are there any words that you'd especially like to know about?
Hope you're having a lovely May!


  1. I love your fake tattoo tights - and your sun!! ;)

  2. Yay German sewing words! Today I'm wearing a "bluse"... and i'm fascinated by the idea of a general term for "garn"!
    BTW, did you reaslise that 4/5 outfits include coral and turquoise? It's a great combo on you!

  3. Your outfits are a lovely range of corals and turquoise and blue. Und heute trage ich eine Bluse und einen Rock:)

  4. Those tights are so cool, they really look like like tattoos!!

  5. Lovely outfits and the plants are coming on well too!

  6. The balcony looks great! Your outfit are full of colour and energy! Love it!

  7. LOvely outfits. The fake tattoo tights are great too. How about german for sewing machine, bobbin, facings, fabric, patterns, needles and pins. I can guess fabric but maybe I am wrong! xx

  8. I love that picture of you on the bridge - you look so relaxed and happy! Love your outfits so far!

  9. The tattoo tights are awesome! Your coral and turquoise raglan tops are my favourite. Love your strawberry skirt, too :)

  10. I just love visiting your blog as I can be certain of a massive fix of gorgeous colour, and you've not disappointed !! Lovely outfits and colour combos. And the German words are going to be interesting ! :-)

  11. I am yet to plant herbs on the garden...lazy me. The raglan top is great.

  12. Aaaaaaah, I know I've said this before, but I always love seeing your MMM photos! Your style is so authentically you and gorgeous and cheerful and put together, makes me smile every time one of these posts pops up in my reader :-). To MMM!

  13. Yay, MMM! You have a really cute, individualistic style that is so fun to see. The coral lola is super pretty and I really love your floral skirt.