Friday, May 17, 2013

Me-made May Days 10-15

So after a relaxing first half of May, part two hast decided to be waaaay busier. I tried to coordinate a dinner date with a friend yesterday, but between his schedule and mine and my boyfriend's, we had to settle for June... But as we're still having the loveliest late spring/early summer weather, and I've been relaxing on my balcony the last two nights, wearing short-sleeves and having a beer while enjoying the smell of the lilac trees across the street and watching the crescent moon - so who cares about a bit of busy-ness. ;)
Day 11: Minnie Dress and RTW cardi, plus me-made knickers, which I've actually successfully wearing every day so far!
Day 12: me-made navy linen trousers and aqua raglan sleeved  top.  And a Star Trek communicator. We went to see Into the Darkness after choir practice. I'm totally enjoying the new Star Trek films!
Studies for orals are going reasonably well, even though I haven't done much yet besides meeting my exam group twice a week and checking out a huge load of case books from the library.
The salad is getting bigger. The strawberry blossoms are getting more numerous. And I'm thinking the lemon balm seeds are finally starting to germinate. 
Day 13: Christmas Parfait, worn for tea with a girlfriend. In spite of being made of corduroy, it does actually work well for not-too-hot spring days. Yay!
Next weekend I'm off to visit my father and his family for the christening of my little half sister, the next day we're going to visit the theater performance of a friend of mine in Zurich, and then the day after we're having birthday tea with one of my grandmas before going back to Berlin. Two days after that is the dress rehersal for our next choir concert, which we're performing on the first of June.

After that, the rest of June looks blissfully empty. Except for that oral exam, of course.

Day 14: navy linen trousers and strawberry striped longsleeve.  The navy trousers are getting quite a workout on days that are too cold for bare legs, but when I'm not in the mood for tights...
In sewing things, apart from a few necessary basics at then end of April/beginning of May, I haven't actually sewn a stitch this month, but I have a Lola experiment all cut out and - as my plan was to designate May woven-top-month - I'm in the process of cutting out (and taping) the Sassy Librarian Blouse and Sewaholic's Pendrell blouse. I've also planned on tracing off a babydoll top, because I really like wearing them with shorts or leggins on hot summer days. It's a bit ridiculous, how many woven, blouse weight fabrics are in my stash, especially regarding how seldom I actually wear blouses! But maybe that'll change when I actually own a couple of cute blouses. We'll see.

Day 15: blue polka-dot jersey skirt and petrol top. The top is rather clingy, I sure know why I don't wear it more often...

You know, I'm really enjoying this one last summer before being ultimately grown up and starting an actual job with actual pay and actual 30-days-vacation-at-the-most. :)

Anyway. Sewing words. We had Bluse but maybe you want to know about different sorts of garments?

Rock ['rɒk] - is it a very heavy garment? Nope, it's a skirt. You can get it pleated: Faltenrock ['fʌltən~], or maybe as a circle skirt (which is a plate skirt in German): Tellerrock [teler'~]. Pleats are fun, for example, a box pleat is called Kellerfalte ['keler'fʌltə(which actually translates into cellar/basement pleat) and an inverted box pleat is called Quetschfalte ['kvetʃ'fʌltə(squeezed pleat).

Hose [hozə] pants/trousers. Unrelated to sewing but maybe etymologically interesing: an English hose (like, for gardening) is a Schlauch laʊx]. The American word pantyhose (tights) are derived, though, I think. They'd be Strumpfhose [ʃtrʊmpfhozə] (stocking trousers) in German.

Kleid [klaɪ̯d] dress. The fun thing is that Kleidung [klaɪ̯dʊŋ] means garments, as a whole. Maybe because a long time ago, everyone dressed in dresses? ;)


  1. I love that you have a communicator!!! I am looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek, too.

    Having major envy over your Parfait :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Your parfait is beautiful.

  3. Lovely outfits as ever and you always leave me feeling breathless with all of the things that you manage to do and pack into your life!Envious of your warm spring weather too!!

  4. Great outfits! And hey, I actually remember some of those German words!

  5. Nice pictures! Love the blue outfit and the red parfait is gorgeous!!!!!

  6. I love your minnie dress. Too cute!

  7. It's so great to recognize what's good about the time you have now, while you still have it. I try to do that too, and I'm glad you're enjoying your summer!
    We were just talking about seeing the new Star Trek movie, I was a huge fan as a kid and I'm sure I still have a communicator somewhere ...