Friday, May 31, 2013

Me-Made May, Days 21-26

Oh, look, it's the very last day of May! How did that happen? What with travelling home last weekend for my little half-sister's christening, studying for orals and rehearsing for my choir concert tomorrow, the last couple of weeks went by really fast... I'm not going to overwhelm you with pics today, though (mostly because I'm still in my jammies, which, even though they're me-made, I'm not too keen on banning on digital celluloid), so you'll get the rest of the round-up tomorrow... ish.
 Day 21: floral Macaron and lacy spring cardi, worn to studying in the library. A girl from my study group complimented me on the dress and asked where I bought it. Yay! :)
Day 22: green spring Rooibos, which worked fine for a morning coffee walk with a friend, but then it started raining and temperatures dropped. I had to change into Lola, because it goes so well with my wellies. ;)
 Day 23: green corduroy skirt and very old striped longsleeve.
 Day 24: Slowly running out of knit dress options, but this worked well enough for the 6h drive home. Green tunic dress  and me-made leggings (which are slowly falling apart and need to be replaced), on my mom's balcony.
 Day 25: Two outfits for today, one in the morning (Zoe ruffle top, new, unblogged aqua tank top and navy pleated skirt) and one for the christening (nautical Crepe and my handsome boyfriend on my arm :).  
Day 26: Did I mention that I finally shortened the bodice of my Lacy Tiramisu? It fits really well now! :D I also removed the pockets. Not that I don't love pockets, but in this jersey, they just warped the fabric (even though I used stay tape) and made my bumps more bumpy. This is better. :)

Thanks for your thoughts about my wool question! I hope it'll be alright to use the parts that didn't shrink, and next time I'll definitely be more cautious. I'm in the process of tracing off the pattern pieces for the jacket, then I'll make a muslin/toile from the cotton I will use for underlining. That way, I hope I can use the same pieces for underlining, afterwards.

Now on to some German sewing words! I thought I'd go with some embellishments today:

Spitze ['ʃpɪtsə] lace - Isn't it interesting that Spitze also means the top or tip of something (like a mountain, or a needle)?

Zackenlitze ['tsʌkən'lɪtsə] ric rac - Zacke is a zigzag or spike, but I actually had to look up Litze. Turns out it's an old-fashioned word for a woven ribbon. Makes sense.

Paspel ['pʌspəl] piping - those look like they could have the same etymologic root, although the German word for piping has no similarities at all with the word pipe (which means Rohr - except, now that I think about it, it also means Pfeife, which is the one you smoke).

Talking about embellishments reminds me that I have a couple of crocheted yokes I've been meaning to use for summer tops... What's your favorite embellishment?


  1. I love your nautical crepe - so cute! Thanks for sharing the German sewing words - how fun :)

  2. Paspel is actually really interesting etymologically, it comes from the French "passepoil", which basically means "to stick out over the edge of a fabric".

  3. You make a very handsome couple!
    I love your colour palette, you look terrific in these strong clear greens, reds and blues, and they all go together so harmoniously.

  4. I'm glad you're happier with the Tiramisu - that's a great dress!

  5. Lovely outfits. Great colours. You look lovely in the christening pic :) I like the words. My favourite embellishment? ric rac, it's just so cheery and simple. xx

  6. Cute outfits! The tiramisu looks great on you! Congratulation another MMM is over!

  7. Love your Tira! I've yet to make mine, although every time I see one finished and worn I wonder what's taking me so long. It's lovely with the lace.