Friday, May 10, 2013

Me Made May, Days 6-10

How can a third of May be over already, and me with almost nothing to show for it?! Although I guess that isn't quite true, as I did some very nice relaxing, and visiting with my parents, and gardening, and some sewing got done, too, and I went to an outdoor jazz concert where the boyfriend of one of my friends played, and had a candy apple... And I had my first meeting with my study group for orals today, too. So I guess some things did get done this month.

While we're speaking of getting stuff done: do you know how magical it is to watch stuff grow? This is the first time in ages that I'm growing things from scratch (last time I was about six years old, and literally no carrots survived my inquiring mind, they all got pulled out before their root was even a couple cm long). On Debbie's suggestion, I planted a couple rows of lettuce, and look how far along they are!
The nasturtiums (nasturtia?) grew from nothing to about 5cm high in about three days, my strawberry plants are already bearing fruit, and the tomatoes are starting to look like tomatoes instead of generic plant stuff! It's magic! (And my logical mind is wondering what I'm going to think of being pregnant, when the time comes, if itty baby plants are such a big source of delight and amazement for me... ;)
And also, me-made garments were being worn.
Day 6: navy pleated skirt and new flowery t-shirt. This is based on my one-for-all knit-top/dress pattern, from last year's OWOP and the knit yoke I drafted for my Macarons. More details about construction later. Btw, the photo was taken in the park across the street, which is just overflowing with lilac bushes. I love lilac! I love it almost as much as I do chestnut blossoms. It's the smell of spring... :)
Day 7: red refashioned skirt and polka dot Sorbetto. Also, let me present a vintage Berlin street lamp and the Victory Column, lovingly known as Golden Elsie. This Sorbetto somehow only gets worn for me-made months, possibly because it's a bit short and I'm not too sure about the fit. It works with this skirt, though.
Day 8: cutout knit dress. This also get worn almost exclusively during me-made months, mostly because I only have one strapless bra that goes well with the cutout, and that one isn't only uncomfortable, it also doesn't give enough support. Add that to the fact that the fabric, while having a lovely hand, is rather thick and warm - an inspired choice for a longsleeved fall dress, not so much for a cutout-back summer dress - well, there you have it. I'd love to make another one in a more appropriate fabric, though. And find a well-fitting strapless bra...
Day 9: On my way to the bus stop. Striped tee and navy linen trousers. Still the one and only pair of bottoms-that-aren't-a-skirt I ever made. Since I only wear trousers on cool/rainy summer days when bare legs would be too cold but I don't want to wear tights, I guess that's ok. 
Day 10: navy polka dot dress. Both this dress and the striped top above are made from the same pattern as the flowery top from Day 6. Also, sadly, my tripod doesn't take pictures as nicely as my mom or boyfriend. But it'll have to do for this round-up.

As for the German sewing words: Debbie asked for some basics, so here we go!

Nähmaschine ['næ:mʌʃi:nə] (I bet you're loving those umlauts and schs... I'm having fun with the International Phonetic Alphabet and looking up sounds in Oxford's Dictionary. ;) sewing machine. Yup, sewing = nähen.

Spule ['ʃpu:lə] bobbin. Although actually, this could be anything that has something thin and thread-like wrapped around a cylinder, like a coil, or a reel, or - indeed - a spool.

Another fun one: Nadel ['nʌ:dəl] needle. Would you have guessed? 

Stecknadel ['ʃtek 'nʌ:dəl] pin. Or if you want to have the literal translation: stick needle. 'Cause, you know, it's kinda like a needle but you stick it into stuff. It also doesn't have an eye, which, incidentally, is an ear in German. Are you having fun with etymology yet?

A last one to add to the confusion: Stoff ['ʃtɒf] fabric. Although it also has half a dozen other meanings, like material, (chemical) compound, substance, matter... I like the last one best, kinda in a "fabric of the universe" meaning. And what's with the word Fabrik [fʌb'rɪk], do you ask? Well, that one is rather unrelated to sewing, excetpt with a look to where our fabric and other stuff comes from, as it means factory. 

Did you know any of these words already? Do you have a request for others? Are you having a lovely May, wherever you are?



  1. Hurrah for relaxing! You sound quite busy to me :-). I know, watching gardens grow can be sooooo fascinating (and also, strangely calming), can't it? My dad's got a couple tomato plants that we're carefully nursing along (seeing as my mom and brother are not keen on tomatoes, its just the two of us!) Lovely outfits so far! Day 6's top is just divine.

  2. Your plants are looking good, as are the me-made outfits! When I've had a garden I get totally fascinated by it too! Sadly I don't have one going right now. :(

  3. Your baby plants are coming along beautifully, as are your me-made May photos... I just loved the picture with the VW bug; a German icon for sure! And the Victory column... which victory does it represent?
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    1. Heh, I actually had to look that up, since history isn't my strong forte and it has been a while since Germany won any wars... ;)
      It was built in 1873 to commemorate the Unity Wars, which were fought against Denmark, Austria and France, respectively. Those countries had governed parts of Germany (which back then was made up of more than a dozen little states). Afterwards, I think, Germany had a parliament for the first time and it was also the first time that all of the states (which still have their own sub-governments today) were governed together.

  4. I love the German sewing vocab! The 'eye' of the needle is a 'chat' in yeah, a cat. ;)

  5. Hmm, etymology of sewing words in other languages is pretty interesting! I'd be interested in more that have different derivations, like the eye/ear/cat of the needle. I still haven't posted any mmm outfit photos . . . you are doing great! :)

  6. Your plants are looking great! We planted ours this weekend. Can't wait for basil and coriander to grow. I love the polka dot dress

  7. wonderful outfits and it is a comfort to know that I am not the only one who makes inappropriate fabric choices!

  8. Your plants are growing fast. I feel envy, because here we are having a very cold spring, You look fabolous on your dresses!!!!!!!

  9. The plants look great...i haven't planted ant lettuce myself yet! eeek. I hope to catch up by buying seedlings at our school fete in June. I love the etymology - i am fascinated by where words come from and similarities between languages. xx

  10. Ooo, I love growing things from seed too! It's so fun to see each stage of development. Plus, it teaches patience in a world where so many people are all about instant gratification. :) All of your outfits look great! I especially like that cut out dress and the flowery yoked top. Love the colors!

  11. It's so neat to see all those lovely little plantlings! Gets me thinking I'm behind on starting my own! Great outfits you have, I love MMM for wearing and testing things out. This also reminds me I've yet to post any of my MMM pics! I love reading the etymology of words. My mum, who left Germany at 19 to live/work in the UK (as an au pair), often talked about the similarities between the languages.

  12. I have a twin to your cutout dress. I made a short sleeve 60s mini pajama flannel! So foolish. Everything looks fabulous and I'm enjoying the vocabulary lesson :)