Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stashbusting in April

I didn't sew much in April, what with exams, but after they were over I had over a week, which I used to stitch and cut out some basics for Me-Made May. 

#1 Macaron Flower Tee
Seeing how many jersey dresses and longsleeved tees I own, it's a bit of a surprise that I only have two me-made short sleeves, one of which I don't really like to wear, as it's pretty clingy. I had some leftover fabric from the flower-top dress, and I really liked that fabric combination, so I used my self-drafted Macaron knit yoke and traced-off top/dress pattern to make this top:
I'm not quite satisfied with the shape of the sweetheart curve, and will re-draft it for the next version, but otherwise, I really like my new top!

Pattern: traced longsleeve/dress pattern with shortened sleeves, self-drafted knit Macaron yoke
Fabric: leftovers from floral fabric (originally Girlcharlee, bought spring of last year) and torquoise fabric (from Holland fabric market, bought last year)Notions: some fusible knit stay tape to reinforce the sweetheart line
Time to complete: A coupla hours, tops.Alterations: Apart from frankenpatterning the yoke with the top pattern... none reallyTechniques used: Topstitching (the bodice to the yoke), finishing the hem, sleeves and neckline with a self-fabric band.

Before I actually cut it out, I determined that I really needed some more me-made knickers if I wanted to get through Me-Made May, so to make the most out of the fabric remnants, I cut them out simultaneously with the top.

#2 Flowery Knickers
The pattern is the same as with my other six pairs of me-made knickers, traced from my favorite RTW pair. The elastic I got from a shop on e*bay. The blue pair seemed a bit boring, so I cut out a couple of flowers from the other fabric and zigzagged them on.

#3 Roxy Pyjamas
And last but not least: a pair of pyjamas! My one me-made pair from last year's Pyjama Party does need to be washed sometimes, so I thought that another pair for Me-Made May would probably be a good idea. Add to that fact that this piece of fabric, bought from Girlcharlee on a whim, has been lying around for over a year, because while I think the print is really cool, it's the flimsiest cotton jersey I've ever seen (the print has bled through to the left side practically everywhere), with close to zero recovery.
But: when in doubt about a fabric, make pyjamas. Nobody will have to see them but me (and I think they're kinda cute, even though they get kinda baggy after the first wear, and for some strange reason, my boyfriend likes them, too. Possibly because I wear them. He's sweet like that). Plus, another piece of stash fabric busted! And the black bands give the hem and shorts enough elasticity and recovery to be both comfy and moderately well-fitting.
I also tried a new-to-me neckline finish: knit binding!
I used this tutorial by IkatBag. I could have been a bit more careful with my stitching, but all in all, I guess it looks alright for the first time (and for pyjamas), and I like the general look. I'll be sure to use it more often!

The top was actually finished on May 1st, but we'll count it for April, because I hope I'll get some more things finished for the May stashbusting reveal. Possibly. I hope. ;)

So, just some basics, but both the pyjamas and the knickers have already seen quite some wear and I've worn the top twice. Would have been more often but I'm trying to not repeat garments too much...

Do you sew basics? These are more along the line of bread than cake, even. But some fresh baked bread with butter does hit the spot sometimes, doesn't it? Am I taking the metaphor too far? Personally, I'd take a fresh buttered bread with chopped chives and a bit of salt over frosting any day of the week, and I see a bit of a parallel to jersey dresses and me-made knickers... ;)


  1. your knickers are sooo cute! I always want to sew more basics but then... I fall in love with something and I forget the basic garment :-)

  2. Hmmm, do I sew basics? Definitely yes! I've always thought of it as bread too... I mean, the millionth t-shirt isn't an exciting blogable item, but it sure is handy in the morning getting dressed!
    BTW, how do you find your stretch lace edging holds up over time? Does it keep it's stretchiness? I've been using fold-over elastic, but I'd like to try something finer...

    1. I use stretch lace for undies, and I have found it lasts about as long as the fabric does, although it depends a lot on the specific lace. If it seems fuzzy like wooly nylon that seems to be a bad sign. If you can buy the lace in person, you can see when you stretch it how much recovery it has. I don't have anywhere near me to get it, but I did just order some really nice stretch lace from MaryNotMartha on Etsy. The colors weren't what I was expecting from her photos, but the quality is good.

  3. A lovely set of basics! Yes, I would definitely take a nice slab of brown bread and butter over frosting anyday!!

  4. I love your PJs!! That's exactly the kind of thing I need for summer now. And yes, I do make quite a bit of bread and butter pieces!

  5. You're not taking the metaphor too far at all. I totally get you. Sometimes, sewing basics is more fulfilling than cake. I couldn't agree with you more.

  6. Yes, I totally sew bread too! I get the most satisfaction out of making things I wear a lot. And, I love to eat bread too.
    I really like your top, and how the curve changes from the front to the back yoke, very cute!