Friday, June 7, 2013

Me-Made May, the rest

We've had crazy weather for what feels like the last week and a half. Hello, it's June. June has always been the nicest month in Berlin. The weather is supposed to have been nice enough to go swimming in the lake for the past month! While I haven't had a reason for watering my plants in the last 10 days. They're risking drowning, as it is. But they're growing! Look at the salad! And the first ripe strawberry!
Anyway, here are the leftover pics from the last few days of May. Doesn't actually look too bad, weather-wise...
 Day 27: Me-made Strawberry Macaron, knitting in the bf's parents' garden.
 Day 28: having an iced coffee before the trip back home in my crazy print dress. 
Day 29: I'm afraid this is a cheater outfit, but I was running out of things to wear! Plus, these garments go so well together. Nevertheless, both are refashioned instead of me-made. The skirt is shortened with the original hem attached with cotton lace, the top is just embellished with a strip of lace because of a bleach stain.
 Day 30: Foolishly thinking my plants need watering, just before the rainy season starts in my green knit wrap dress. This only gets worn for me-made months, because boy does that wrap neckline gape! I kinda love it anyway. Maybe I'll try attaching a little snap...?
Day 31: Finally that dress is finished! It was going to be my entry for the Mad Men challenge, until time ran away from me. More about it soon. It got worn out for a drink celebrating a friend's birthday.

So, the conclusion of this year's Me-Made May? Well, it was the fifth challenge I have participated in. I didn't actually follow much of the community aspect this time around, and fell off the flickr wagon about halfway through. The huge numbers of pics just overwhelmed me! And since I usually wear mostly me-mades anyway, maybe it's time to retire from this particular challenge? We'll see when it comes around next year. :)

My official challenge for myself was to wear separates at least half the time. I managed 15 out of 31 days, which I guess is satifsying enough. I could have made it more, but since my other challenge was not repeating outfits, and I only managed to make one top this month, and I love my dresses... it's fine. About making May woven-top-month - that could have gone better, although I partly blame the weather. While I cut out/traced the patterns for the Sassy Librarian Blouse and a Sewaholic Pendrell (which are going to be made up! soon...), what I really had in mind for my blouse-weight fabrics is strappy babydoll tunic tops, to be worn in hot summery weather! May weather didn't quite inspire me to get down to it. Ah, maybe it'll work out in June. One thing I'm proud of, though: I wore me-made knickers and pyjamas for the whole month (except for one day, because I forgot to do the laundry). Yay!

So, to conclude, here are a last couple of German sewing words. How about words for fabric? If you ever go fabric shopping in Berlin or some other German place, this should help:

Stoff ['ʃɒf] fabric. We already had this one a while ago.
Strickstoff ['ʃtrɪkʃɒf] knit fabric. We also use the word Jersey (same pronounciation, just capitalized) in German.
Baumwolle [baʊm'vɒlə] cotton. This translates into tree wool. Kinda makes sense, huh?
Leinen [laɪ̯nən] linen. This is made from Flachs [flʌks] flax. This similarity amuses me.
Viskose [vɪskozə] rayon. Some English people also call it viscose, don't they?
Seide [zaɪ̯de] silk. Luscious fabric made from the bottom of caterpillars, which we call Raupe.
Futter [fʊtɐ] lining. I've always wondered about the origin of the German word, since it also means food - well, at least the kind you feed to animals. Any ideas as to that?

And that concludes the German lesson. Thanks for being interested, I really had fun with thinking about words and finding out the correct phonetic transcription!


  1. That's interesting that Futter always means animal food!

  2. I am soo impressed with the salad leaves and strawberry! Love the new dress and i am waiting to read about it. I like the word strickstoff! Makes a great sound :)

  3. Your balcony is an awesome orchard :-) I love eating strawberries, I would love to have strawberries in my balcony, but when I was a child my parents planted strawberries in our balcony and then we had a plague of I am scary for that!

  4. Your first strawberry looks delicious! My little niece has a tiny strawberry plant, which suffered a squirrel attack while we were visiting. It was too bad but so funny to see! She still has some that do not have a bite out of them, and I'm hoping that they make it until they're ripe.

    Even thought I also did not post much to Flickr, I think I will do MMM again, I feel like I still learn things about what I wear and what I should make. The weather has been unusually cool and rainy here too, I wore the heck out of my me-made pants this month and hardly touched the dresses.

  5. Well done on your me made may, and or upping your separates and wearing pjs and undies....very committed !! Yes may weather played a big part here too in limiting outfit Options.....I've enjoyed your out and about pics...and the German fabric terms! My fave was def lining, like you say,where has that come from ? Plus it sounds funniest!

  6. First of all - so nice to meet you during the weekend - I had a great time.:-) And love all of your looks this month, very well done of you to keep up with most of your challenges. And lining is based on the same word both in Swedish and Norwegian as well, and had the same duality - "fór" in Norwegian and "foder" in Swedish. :-)