Monday, July 29, 2013

Small Sewing and a Pair of Socks

I've been doing a tiny bit of household sewing in the past weeks. My boyfriend and I were too lazy to put up curtain rods and curtains for now, but our bedroom is pretty light, especially in summer, so I made a pair of sleeping masks for us. It's very easy, I used a pattern by the German woman's magazine Brigitte and just cut it out in three layers: a top layer made of jersey, a middle layer made of a scrap of IKEA heavy canvas fabric opacity and a layer of silk, to make it feel nice on the face.
Mine is the light, flowery one (obviously) and I just used normal elastic. As I didn't have black elastic, I used some leftover black foldover elastic for the dark one.

I also made some cushions for our sofa, even though my boyfriend's take on cushions is this:
:) This video always cracks me up. I made some cushions anyway, since I like them. I got a couple of 80x40 pillows from IKEA (amazingly, they're cheaper than the regular 40x40 pillows) and took a page out of Miss P.'s book.
The fabric for the covers is from IKEA, too, and making them is probably the easiest project you can think of: it's just a rectangle of 42x95cm (1cm of seam allowance on each side plus overlap), which I hemmed on the two short sides, then folded to a 42x40 square (with the overlap in the middle) and sewed on the two open sides.
Then you turn it and put your cusion in. Much easier than adding buttons or a zipper. :)
In other news, I also finally finished the socks for my grandma that I started on Christmas - and just in time for her birthday! Once I got into the pattern and didn't just knit a few rows and put them away, only to take them up days later, it actually went pretty fast - probably because of the lace pattern. And they turned out very prettily!
The pattern is Spring Pool Socks (a free pattern on Ravelry) and I used a merino wool sock yarn by Regia.
One sock turned out a bit bigger than the other, but my grandma didn't complain. :) Seeing as how long it took me to knit them. I'm thinking about starting on her Christmas present now... ;)
Lastly, here's an update on my balcony garden. Look at the tomatoes! I can't wait for them to ripen. :)

What are your favorite small projects?


  1. Those tomatoes look sooooo tasty!
    I love the socks you have made for your grandma. I have just finished a couple of quick projects, two caps. It seems that summer is the best season for this type of sewing :-)

  2. lovely sock, nice detail on the heel. I have also just bought some red wool to knit myself a pair.

  3. Those socks are lovely! What a thoughtful gift :)

  4. You have a lucky grandma! And, I'm jealous of your tomatoes. I hope they turn out to be delicious!

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  6. Lovely socks - they are such a gorgeous colour. i usually sew my cushions the way you have - so much easier than zips or buttons! Those sleep masks look good - do they work? xx

  7. Ooh, those socks are so gorgeous, you are generous and your grandma is sure to love them :)

  8. The little sequence about cushions is adorable.

  9. Ahh those socks are so cute! what a lovely gift :-)