Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Visiting Cologne

At the beginning of the month, my boyfriend and I went to spend a few days in Cologne. He's a theater scientist, and they're having a theater festival every couple of years with the most innovative free drama groups from all over the country. We saw a few plays, some were a bit strange, some I liked a lot. But we also spend a lot of time walking around, getting a feel for the city, shopping and windowshopping... At the end we visited his lovely cousin in Bonn (Germany's seat of government until 2000, when it switched over to Berlin), which is also a very lovely city!

So, a few impressions from my trip:
Köln/Cologne has some impressive buildings. The dome is the third highest sacral building in the world. A lot of the buildings in the inner city are several hundred years old and very pretty.
We stayed in Südstadt (the southern quarter), which is a rather cute part of the city. We had breakfast in this cute little cafe: Café Walter, and their breakfast brunch was epic! Home made jam, scrambled eggs and eggs sunny side up, waffles, fruit salad, all kinds of cheeses and ham and salami, caprese salad... Yum! They also had the cutest vintage plates and teacups, and I fell in love with the knitted pillows.
Right across the street was this bike shop. Isn't the red bike cute? And the wicker baskets?
I did a bit of shopping (mostly books, but also a cute pair of sandals) but also a lot of window shopping. I'm in love with these thermos flasks from Green Gate...
And aren't these shoes wonderful, and oh-so-vintage looking? I'd never seen this brand before, they're from Brako, and they have so many cute styles! For now they're still a bit out of my price range, though...
Despite my stashbusting pledge, I also did some fabric shopping and I have to say, Köln has some wonderful fabric shops, and right in the city center, too! Both fabrics I bought are denim, the flowery one is from Stofferia (Hohe Straße 1) and the strawberry/coral denim is from Reste-Kiste (Gürzenich-Str. 21). I also visited Stoffe Müller (Offenbackplatz 1), who also have a huge selection, but for once could refrain from buying anything. ;)
We also saw this wedding party. I love the bride's little cape and look at that cool vintage bus!
The visit with my boyfriend's cousin was wonderful, too. She's one of the loveliest persons I know and we had a few very nice evenings together making Crêpe and waffles, we had lunch in the Botanical Garden (which is beautiful) and just walking among the very nice residence areas in Bonn (see above - their front gardens are very pretty!).
Botanical Garden - do the little things in front of the lake also look like dwarfes to you?
We also visited the Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains) and the Dragon Rock, which are associated with the myth of Siegfried and the Nibelung (which Richard Wagner made into an opera cycle). I had a nice visit with the local dragon. :)
We had a very lovely vacation. :) Funny that we often want to visit other countries for vacation, when there are so many lovely spots not far from home! Do you prefer going further away for your holidays, or do you like exploring nearer to home?

PS: Thanks for all your comments and helpful tips about online shopping for jersey! I've already put out an order of swatches from (which is the German counterpart to and have bookmarked the others. So many pretty fabrics! :)


  1. More red and turquoise fabric! Those really are the best colours! ;) Looks like you had a really nice trip! One of the things that I always envy about Europeans is that you can pop over to another country or very different region... Canada is so huge that I could drive for 24 hours just to get the the province west of me! (only 7 hours in the other direction though... ;)

  2. I agree with Gillian, I'm pretty much jealous of anyone who can fly to Italy in an hour and a half! But since I started traveling for work with my husband, I've been lucky enough to travel all over the US, mostly driving. I meet a lot of Americans who have gone all the way to Europe multiple times, but never really explored our own country. Since it's so huge and so diverse, there's always something new to discover (relatively) close to where you are. I love getting off the interstate onto the smaller highways and seeing what we can find.

  3. That bike shop looks great. I am impressed you manage to refrain yourself from buying more fabric. Those two you got look great! I was in Koln once the Christmas market...a great experience...especially when you have German friends telling you what you should try!

  4. What a marvelous trip! I loved seeing all of the stunning buildings in your pictures, but I'll admit that the vintage bus stole my heart most of all :)

  5. Cute pictures!!! That shoes are gorgeous, I love it!