Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Oh my gosh! Is anyone else having a busy summer? What with writing job applications, visiting two summer schools and a choir rehersal weekend, I've hardly had time for myself (or sewing, or blog-reading) in what feels like forever (so, at least a month ;). This finding-a-job thing is also not quite as easy as I had hoped, for various reasons. Still, I have my first job interview tomorrow. Hooray! Wish me luck.

While I do have a couple of projects to show you from last month, they haven't been photographed properly yet. So maybe you'd like to see a few pictures from my gallivanting around the country. :)
a field on my way between breakfast and meditation practice
I walked by these beautiful poppies every day
yarn bombing. so pretty!
choir retreat by a beautiful lake.
a pretty bug sharing the lake-view with me.
Harvesting the first tomatoes. I planted six different kinds, and four of those are already ripening. Small red ones, medium red ones, biggish red ones and the yellow ones. :D

How's your summer going, this far?


  1. Gorgeous photos!!
    I love the first one and the tomato pictures...you just can't beat growing your own and picking and eating them straight from the plant.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

  2. good luck for tomorrow! i've been painting so my sewing stuff had to be stored away. your tomatoes are ripening faster than mine...i will have tometoes for christmas ;)

  3. Best of luck for your job interview! I hope you enjoy the rest of summer; I am so over winter already! :D

  4. I feel like mine has been rather busy too! Lots of big life changes and all. But I'm starting to get more sewing time again, even though it's mostly been stuff for others, so yay!

    Hope the job interview goes (or went, since I'm hours and hours behind you) well!

  5. Yes! Mine has been just packed too. My cousin commented the other day that it's not very "summery" of us to be so busy, but I also feel like I need ambitious plans, or I won't ever get anything done. Anyway, it sounds like you're doing well. Enjoy those tomatoes, I love the little orange ones. And good luck with the interview!

  6. Beautiful photos! They're making me feel a bit impatient for spring to begin round here... Good luck with your interview!

  7. Nice photos. :)
    Congratulations for passing the "Hammerexamen". I am studying for it at the moment and am convinced that it might be quite difficult to pass. :3
    Would you mind writing a little about the various problems you have/had in finding a (right) job? In less than a year I'll be in the same position, so I would be grateful for some (much needed) advice. ;)

    1. Hallo Haramiya! Na dann viel Glück und Erfolg beim Lernen. Das wird schon. :) Wenn du magst, schreib mir doch mal ne Mail (aldara at gmx punkt net), dann erzähl ich dir gern von der Jobsuche. Ein Nähblog ist wahrscheinlich nicht ganz der passende Ort... ;) LG

  8. Those lovely pics are a lovely window into your summer!

  9. Love these glimpses of your summer. Hope the interview went well. My summer is going well....lots of swimming, beach, ice cream :) xx