Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week

Now that the job appication business is over and done with, I'm spending a bit more time with my parents and sister. My boyfriend, B., was hired to direct an opera here next spring and had a meeting here last weekend, and my parents want to take me to Lake Garda over the national holiday next week, so I have some time in between. This is what we did: 
 1. Making some more Buchteln, with apricots this time. Yum!
2. Taking the ferry between Meersburg and Konstanz over the Bodensee. This is a RTW outfit except for the vest I'm wearing underneath, but my sister gave me that cute pair of shorts. She helped a friend of hers sort through a bag of second hand clothing she'd gotten from another friend, saw the shorts (they have two cute, sailor style button plackets) and asked if she could have them for me. Best sis, ever! *kisses*
3. Making Mint Juleps to go with watching Sean Connery (*sigh*) in 007 - Goldfinger.
 4. harvesting the potatoes that my mum has planted on her balcony...
 ... and making them into potato salad. Yum!
5. I didn't take any sewing, but I have some knitting with me. Another pair of spring pool socks (for me, this time?) made from Drops Fabel yarn. It's got Alpaca in it. :D Also: coffee.
6. On a totally unrelated side: Sarah from Rhinestones&Telephones is starting her fall sewing with a bang this year by hosting another Fall-Essentials Sew-Along! Anyone remember the last one of these, which I had the pleasure of co-hosting? :D Fun times... I haven't taken part in a sew-along in ages, but with the lose structure and two-month timeline of this one, I totally will! It'll take some planning... :D

How's the beginning of fall treating you?


  1. Apricot cake, I love that! Your ferry looks very similar to mine ;) can't believe potatoes grow on the balcony! Yummy

  2. That apricot bread looks sooooo yummy!

  3. Potatoes growing on the balcony! I have to prove ;-)
    All food look yummy!!!!

  4. If it would just stay cool outside instead of shooting back up to summer temps, it would be great! I've made socks with that yarn before!

  5. Looks like you are having a lovely break. The sewalong looks tempting....xx

  6. Good times! It's nice to be able to recharge a little bit w/ friends and family. ;) I love the ferry picture - that's a great outfit!