Monday, October 28, 2013


Do you know Becca from Becca's Creative Notions? She has a really cute style and recently came up with her first pattern: a jersey top and dress called Verity. Now, as you probably know, I have a self-drafted knit top and dress pattern that I use a lot, so why stray from TNT, right? But, this pattern has the option of a split shawl collar that I quickly fell in love with, and also some gathering under the bust, which, I was thinking, should totally optimize the fit! So I went and got the pattern. :)
the Verity dress: isn't it cute?
It's a pdf pattern that prints on both letter and A4, and after about two episodes of Star Trek - The Next Generation I had my pattern. The instructions are also pretty thorough, with three different options of sewing the pieces together: flat, in the round and flat with set in sleeves. Although, to be honest, I didn't use them beyond glancing through them, to see if there was something unusual.

I made my usual alteration of shortening the bodice a bit, which in this case was actually superfluous. Now the midriff band covers part of my bust, so I'm going to add the length back on for my next iteration. Apart from that (which is, of course, my own fault and not the pattern's), I'm pretty happy with the fit. The back skirt is just a wee bit wider than I usually like, so I may take out a couple of centimeters at the fold line in my next version. It looks fine in the photos, though, so maybe not. I also took in the side seams from the midriff band down by about 1.5cm after taking the photos. And I'm thinking the midriff band may be a bit too wide for my short torso, so slimming it down a bit is probably a good idea.
The gathers really help with the fit, especially in this 100% cotton jersey. It's one of those from last year's Girlcharlee order, and as such is rather thin, unflexible where it's printed and prone to bagging out. What can I say. I loved the colour way. Probably because it reminded me of this beautiful silk dress by Sue. Ahem.
if I hadn't shortened the bodice, I'm pretty sure them hem would hang right, too.
So, apart from the questionable fabric choice (but yay for stash busting!) I'm pretty happy with this dress. The only issue I have is that the split shawl collar turned out a lot tinier than I thought. Have a look at the difference between Becca's and mine (please excuse the hair...):
It's a lot smaller, isn't it? I'm wondering if I made some mistake, but I'm pretty sure I used size M, just like for the rest of the dress. I had to stretch it quite a bit to be able to attach it to the neck of the dress, so I'm probably just going to cut off the current collar, widen the pattern piece by... hmmm, I'm guessing at least 10cm, but probably daping it first would be a good idea. Or what would you suggest?

The facts: 
Pattern: Verity by Moxie Patterns
Fabric: 1.5 yards of printed cotton jersey by Girlcharlee, plus about 0.5 yards of leftover black cotton jersey with some elasthan content (I'm guessing about 4%).
Notions: none.
Time to complete: a bit over an hour for preparing the pattern, half an hour cutting out, less than 2h sewing. Equals less than 4h total, I'd say, but spaced over three sessions.
Alterations: shortened the front and back bodice by about 1.5cm, which I'll have to add back to the front the next time. Took in the skirt side seam a little.
Techniques used: Gathering was done on my regular sewing machine, for everything else I used my overlock machine. Oh, and following one of Gillian's Lazy Knit Sewing Tips, I serged my hem with a bit of a gather to make hemming easier, then used a twin-needle.


  1. Ooh. How very cute! Too bad about the fabric and collar.
    As for the sweater knits, the orange is super soft, but the blue is kind of itchy. I can put up with it but I know some people who wouldn't be able to wear it at all.

  2. OOoohh, it is so cute on you. Love the split collar :)xx

  3. This is a great dress! I know what you mean about fabric from GirlCharlee :(. The split collar looks great and I think the midriff band is the right thickness for you. Maybe use a 3/8" seam allowance for the collar next time? What about adding buttons to this one? Either way, I love it!

  4. I just found out about Becca's blog and new patterns from a project of hers in the "Reader's Closet" part of Threads magazine. She made this coat that I am over the moon about, it's the Louisa coat which is on her blog as well. I'm really hoping it becomes one of her patterns!

    I agree that your collar looks smaller, I guess I would cut a bigger one and try again, I think it would help balance out the look of the midriff band.

  5. Lovely dress, but you are right about the collar. Perhaps it has to do with the drape of the fabric or the type of jersey used on the sample vs. on your own version? A total mystery!

  6. I'm so sorry I haven't commented on your beautiful makes, until now! I was a bit MIA from the blogging world until last month, and I've been slowly catching up on everybody's blogs. :) Anyway, I love your version! I'm making a change to the collar pattern to make it better suited for a larger range of fabric types. I'll keep you updated, and send you a revised version of the pattern when I have it. :)