Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seasonal Macarons, Part II: Autumn

So finally, my most recent Macaron. :) She's actually been finished for a good three weeks, but I'm currently lagging a bit with my blogging. Ah well.
At least it means that I still got some pics with the wonderfull fall weather we had this year. Beautiful, isn't it?
As fifth makes go, and since I took the opportunitiy of my Summer Macaron to tweak the bodice further, this dress would have been a pretty fast project - if it hadn't been for my silliness. Note to myself: even if you made something multiple times, it's still a good idea to have a look at the pattern instructions (or think) during construction.

What I did is press both the front and back pleats (yes, including pockets) the wrong way, before attaching the skirt - with pleats facing outside instead of to the middle - to the waistband. Then I tried it on and wondered why it looked way more unflattering than my other Macarons, and why I couldn't really get my hands into the pockets.
I realized this after I had finished my waist seam by serging.
Oh well, fixing didn't take all that long after all, and left me with a Macaron that's fun to wear and fits nicely. The thing I like best about this dress is the feel of the fabric. I totally forgot where I bought it, but it must have been either the Holland fabric market, or the fabric market at Maybachufer. Anyway, even though it's not incredibly drapey, it feels sooo soft and silky. I'm thinking it's rayon, or a cotton-rayon blend, since it feels very stiff when wet, but regains the silky feel when dry.
The hem is blind-stitched by hand, my favorite hem treatment, even though it takes a bit longer than the machine blind hem. But I get to use lace! The yoke, like most of my other Macarons, is made of jersey. And since I finally conquered the twin needle, the sleeves are finished that way.
I also used my edge-stitching foot for the first time! I forgot to take pictures of the bodice where it's stitched to the yoke, but it looks way more pretty and regular than my other versions!
The facts: 
Pattern: Macaron by Colette Patterns, self drafted knit yoke
Fabric: 1.5m of plaid rayon (?) fabric, possibly from a fabric market. Originally intended for a shirt waist, but I like this version better. The jersey is from Hüco, I think.
Notions: A brownish-greyish invisible zipper and some lace band.
Time to complete: Two days.
Alterations (from last iteration): Incorporated the changes to the bodice from my last iteration (shortening the middle of both front and back bodice, and tapering to zero at the side seams. I'm thinking I'm close to the perfect fit now. I also widened the neck a bit.
Techniques used: Invisible zipper, hand-stitched blind hem, edge-stitching the bodice to the yoke, twin-needled sleeve hems. Overlocked seam finish.
And what to do differently next time: It's probably a good idea to interface the waistband that's cut on the bias. Without interfacing, it tends to ripple.
First worn: Right after finishing, and multiple times since then.
I also wore it while finding an amazing new spot for outfit photos! These wings are a sculpture by Mexican artist Jorge Marín, situated right next to the Mexican Embassy in Berlin. They're an "interactive work of art", meant for taking pictures. There are actually similar statues in Mexico City, Tel Aviv and other cities. Cool, right? Now I'm playing with the idea of taking pictures for Christmas cards there. What do you say?


  1. OK, that last picture is completely awesome. What a brilliant location!!

  2. Very clever the sewing and especially the photo

  3. Coooool sculpture!! You should definitely take christmas card photos there! Love the jersey yoke. Great macaron.

  4. I love your newest Macaron!!! And the angel wings are fabulous :)

  5. Great dress, and that last picture with the angel wings is awesome.

  6. I like the idea of the jersey for the top, because on mine the sleeves were too restrictive. The plaid is super cute!

  7. What another lovely macaron! But I do adore your photos, and the last one is potentially the best sewing outfit photo ever!!

  8. Love the last picture!!! It would be a great idea to take christmas pictures there!!! Your macaron is soooo cute :-)

  9. I'm also loving the idea of the jersey for the upper bodice and sleeves, such an awesome idea! And I'm with everyone else on that last photo - it's sublime! ;o)