Monday, December 2, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that

Heh, this is a post quite a while in the making. Rather pointlessly, it's been even longer because I didn't know what to title it. Yes, procrastination has me that firmly in her grip. ;)

Actually, it's just a few odds and ends that I wanted to show you. Like they crop up from time to time.

Like finally taking the time to get some order into my sewing nook, which included finally de-linting and oiling my machine (it runs so much more smoothly now)...
(There's still a lot of stuff in boxes and bags around my dress form, but the table itsself is a lot more orderly, and I put my yarn and crafting stuff into some boxes, and now all my patterns and books are in one place...)

I also got on a bit of a shopping spree on e*bay for the plaid dress you can see above. It's a Colette Hawthorn, which features and almost-circle skirt, so I finally went on the lookout for some things I'd been meaning to acquire for a while: a rolled hem foot and a skirt marker.
I got the rolled hem foot as part of a lot, which includes (as far as I could determine) a satin stitch foot, two different pintuck feet, a quarter inch foot, a couple of zipper feet and a few more that I'll have to research. After recently finding out how to use the edge stitch foot that came with my grandma's machine for both edge stitching and blind-hemming, I'm totally looking forward to trying these out!
The same goes for this skirt marker. I'm not sure how old it is, but the typeset used in the manual suggests it was made sometime in the 50s. And there's still some chalk powder in there!

I've also been doing some knitting. Since I seem to lose about one mitten a year, I made these Leaving Cuffs for myself.
I had to stitch the thumbs in red yarn, since I didn't have enough yarn. I'm very glad I could even finish the second mitt! I added thumbs to the pattern, as you can see in my Ravelry notes.

I also bought some yarn for a Christmas gift and while I was at the shop, treated myself to a Zauberball.
I've started on the Christmas gift, which is a Percy shawl, and I'm hoping to actually finish it before Christmas... At least this time around, I'm using fingering weight yarn instead of lace yarn, which is probably the only reason I've made it past the set-up chart. Actually, by now I've almost finished chart A! ;) The other reason could be that the alpaca silk mix is just so nice to the touch...
I'll leave you with an outfit pic from last weekend's visit home. It features my new Espresso leggings. :) Look, Winnie, print-mixing! Though rather of the conservative variety... ;)


  1. Your fabric stash is a thing of beauty. All that emerald, teal, red and navy! I love it!

  2. Percy Shawl is awesome!!! I can´t wait to see your version! My sewing corner is a complete mess...Yours looks tidy.

  3. Love those leggings. Pleased to hear the alpaca silk is nice and soft, Ive had my eyes on some with Drops 25% alpaca sale being on. I must try some out.

  4. Those mitts are really cute with the red thumbholes :)

  5. So much fabulousness in one post! :)

  6. Your fabric stash looks awesome! Am I spotting more polka dots there, hehe. I am also a big fan of your pink wool, a girl can never have enough pink :) I have never heard of the Zauberball wool before, so I have to check it out soon.

  7. Lots brewing! How exciting! Thanks for the link to the mitts - I've bookmarked them :-). Cute outfit photo!

  8. PS: yeay for Zauerball! They're still my favorite socks ever! That's a pretty colorway you've got there!