Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lacy Lola

We recently enjoyed a couple of sunny days in midst of this grey winter weather, which I used to take some pictures of my unblogged projects. This is Lacy Lola, my new favorite dress! If I wasn't just slightly afraid that the stretch lace panels won't tolerate frequent washing, I'd honestly wear it every day. :D It's endlessly comfy and, being a sweater dress, kinda sporty casual, but the lace panels abd combination with tights and boots take it almost into the dressy category. Well, casual dressy. ;)
It's losely inspired by a dress that Zoe posted about a while ago. I definitely wanted to combine sweater fabric and lace in a sweater dress, but was guessing that the yoke might not work so well with the princess seams. I was also contemplating lace in a contrast colour, but after finding a jersey that matched my lace so well, in a colour that might reasonably be called my favorite, Lacy Lola was a done deal. I'm already wondering if I can't find a few more matching lace-and-sweater-fabric combinations (maybe including a couple of contrast pairings), and make one for every day of the week...
The facts:
Pattern: Lola by Victory Patterns, Size 8
Fabric: 2m of teal jersey fabric, from the Turkish fabric market at the Maybachufer plus a bit of teal stretch lace that I bought in Italy.
Notions: none
Time to complete: a couple of hours, tops.
Techniques used: Most of the construction was done on my overlocker, apart from attaching the sleeve cuffs, basting the pockets to the main skirt and turning under the rim of the pocket, which were done on my regular machine.
Alterations: I used size 8 again, since it was what I had traced, even though my measurements suggest size 10 but I like the close fit. For this version, I lengthened the sleeves to full length, also widening them a bit in the process, since the sleeves on my first version are a bit snug. I cut the pockets twice, once in the regular fabric and once in the lace, basted them together on both sides and then treated them as one.
First worn: On the drive to visit my parents, then to a wine tasting and loads since.
Silly detail: I had originally bought 1.2m of the fabric, with the Lola in mind, since I managed to cut my very first version from 1m of sweater fabric, but had to slim down the bands a bit for lack of fabric. Unfortunately, this teal fabric must have been a lot less wide than the coral one (I'm guessing 1.40m vs. 1.60m), which means I ran out of fabric before having cut out any of the side pieces... Luckily, the market stall still had the exact fabric left, so I could buy another metre. Note to myself: be more generous (realistic?) when buying fabric!

So, what do you think about sweater dresses? Is there a Lola in your future? (I actually have one more finished and another on the planning board...)


  1. I love that pattern and your version is particularly inspiring!!

  2. Perfect timing for such great inspiration - that lace insert is genius! I just got the Lola pattern in the mail yesterday, and might now borrow this idea from you - I think I have some lace that would work with the knit I am making mine in. Love your color choice as well. :-)

  3. Love your version!!! The lace part is stunning. I have never worked with lace, I think it is a difficult fabric to work, but the result is sooo nice...I have to give it a try!

  4. Yeah, I like sweater dresses as well, but haven't made one by myself yet. Your Lola looks amazing and I just love that you matched jersey and lace. You are inspiring me that I get my hands on Lola as well, but for the moment I am too scared off the princess seams :)

  5. I like sweater dresses and love your lacey lola . What a great idea. I am so tempted to get a Lola pattern,and you know I don't buy patterns much! in fact, I am thinking of ordering it as a christmas present the kids can give to me! xx