Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sewing Reflections - Top 5 Hits&Misses

Another year over, and now it's time for this year's sewing reflections! ;) 
Gillian thought up these top 5 and made a lovely banner, so instead of randomly rambling about my year, I'll join in the lists!

Misses (in chronological order):
1. The Mad Men Dress - This is a fail because of the fabric, a mustard polka-dot sweater knit from Girlcharlee. It's partly transparent and shows every bump, but worst of all, it pills like crazy. I've worn it three times, and tried to shave away the pilling with my lint shaver after the second wear, but it didn't help at all, after another wear it looks the same as before.
2. An unblogged refashion of a thrifted polka-dot dress. I wanted to make a little sundress from the fabric, but after cutting the dress apart I realized that there wasn't enough fabric, not even for a little skirt. Too many seams in the original garment. I guess this means I have to think harder when thrifting garments for refashion! Since the pieces were tiny and the fabric a rather transparent poly, I chucked it in the recycling bin...
3. The floral Verity - I guess I can call this one a partial miss. I cut off the split collar that was too small for my taste and bound the neckline with a black contrast band instead, and it looks nice, but the fabric is a pretty cheap cotton jersey from (again) Girlcharlee, and apart from the fact that it has little recovery and that the print is almost paint-like in its inflexibility... I guess I just don't like the (white) fabric on me. Since it's a good dress otherwise, it's going to be donated.
4. My misses number three and four have actually not been photo documented yet. The one is a tunic with split collar made from a green chunky knitted lace fabric. I traced the tunic from an RTW one I really like, but the lace knit fabric is way stretchier than the original garment, so it turned out huge. HUGE! I had hoped for a nice and quick project for Sew Green December, but while it's probably salvagable, by now I'm not sure if I like the fabric at all...

5. And number five is another Sew Green December project! A self-drafted skirt with suspenders, made from the loveliest dark green cotton sateen. It fell prey to the enemy of all good sewing - a deadline! I wanted to wear it for our office Christmas party (and I did), but the fit is wonky, as is the buttonhole placement on the suspenders, the zipper insertion, the pleat placement... I love the fabric and style of the skirt a lot, so maybe I'll work on fixing it in the new year. :)

Is there a conclusion to be learned from my misses? Number one is definitely to stick with good fabric. Fabric that I like, that looks good on me, that doesn't pill or get pulled out of shape. This probably requires staying away from online shopping. ;) So, no more cheap, low quality fabric next year! Also, it's a good idea to take my time. Especially when drafting. And to make a muslin. And to think about what I'm doing. Right?

Now, enough about the misses and on to the hits!

Hits (in chronological order):

1. Lola - I'm counting my Lolas as one, because they are both fabulous, and I love them equally. They are just incredibly comfy and get worn a lot. A LOT! :)
2. The green corduroy Simplicity 2451 - I tend to make a lot more dresses than skirts, but along with an old denim mini skirt, this one gets worn a lot. It goes with most of my tops and I love the cheery green colour.
3. The lacy Tiramisu - this one was a staple during all of spring and summer, a great comfy dress with just a bit of elegance. I really like the faux-wrap neck and the lacy midriff, as well as the wide swishy skirt! I'm definitely going to revisit this pattern come spring!

4. The Exam Rooibos - I'm very pleased with my modified Rooibos version. It's a bit slimmer than my previous versions, and the blue wool with white piping look pretty very nice if I may say so. I've worn the dress to my oral board exam and to all of my job interviews, and always felt pretty and professional in it!
5. The Looks Like Christmas dress - this one is only a few weeks old, but I've worn it at least a couple of times every week since making it, and almost every day during the holidays! It's warm and comfy, and even though the fabric was a pretty good bargaign at 5€/m, it doesn't pill at all! I'm also thinking that it must have some wool content, because it doesn't attract smells at all.
So, I guess it looks like comfy made my day this year. I really did sew mostly knits and hardly any wovens. We'll see how that changes now that I'll be expected to wear office appropriate garments 5 days of the week!


  1. Ooh what a great list! You have some lovely pieces.

  2. I also hate flimsy knits... Such a pain to sew! Since you can find nice fabric nearby you can easily do it. Love your tiramisu and work outfit! Looking forward to seeing your new makes

  3. I love the Rooibos. One of my New Year Sewing resolution is to sew more with knits and less wovens. Good luck!

  4. I love the rooibos...I don't remember seeing it before! Did you make the little jacket too?

  5. Hi Lisette! Yes, it's Gertie's Starlet Suit jacket. :) I made the combo for my board exams this summer:

  6. Lovely makes Alessa. I've been reading a lot about fails in other blogs attributed to poor fabrics choices or low quality fabrics. Sometimes though it's so tempting to get lured by a good price, eh? In any case, here's to a 2014 filled with the lovliest makes yet. Wait, are you going to have time now that you'll be starting work for real? Will you be at a hospital or at a private clinic?

  7. wonderful creations! Your Rooibos is stunning, I can see why you feel beautiful in it! I have the same issues with fabric quality, but sometimes you simply can't find correct fabric in your neighbourhood, so you have to turn to online shopping. and it means surprises, good or bad (though I've had more bad than good :))