Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Musings

Occasionally, I'm very amused about myself. I tend to be either very busy or very lazy, but since I've started working, I have the feeling that I've been a lot more lazy during my free time, spending hours just reading various trashy books. It may have to do with the fact that I spend an hour or two every day uselessly sitting around at my job, because I have more hours than actual work to do, which is pretty frustrating to me. I know there are people who like having that extra time, but it makes me crazy, even though I like the rest of my job and the people I work with very much. 

Anyway, being in this lazy state of mind, I've been dithering a lot about my sewing projects, even though I currently have at least an hour or two of potential sewing time every day! Dithering about my Thurlow linen trousers and having to fit them (I might try starting by cutting them out...). Dithering about sundresses and which pattern to use and the potential hazard of fitting a strapless dress. I may have too many patterns, since I have been unable to decide between trying to make a strapless Cambie, Simplicity 4070, the Tiki Dress from Gertie's book and New Look 6457. 
While I have silently challenged myself to use more of my untried patterns this year, I'm tempted to just cut the chase and use the Macaron bodice without the yoke, because the pattern is already cut out and fits, and it would be fun to have another Macaron. On the other hand: I really do want to make up some more of these untried patterns of mine!

And with a well-fitting sundress bodice, I think there are at least 10 potential dresses and babydoll tunics I could (and would like to) make from my stash!

And to illustrate my obvious laziness: the text above is actually from June 12. Yes, more than three weeks ago. Since the weather in between has been really ambivalent, no sundresses have materialized in the meantime, either, even though I actually meant to make a new dress for my birthday (which is tomorrow, so that probably won't work ;) ).
I finally traced and cut out the Tiki Dress pattern a couple of nights ago, though!

I also managed to finish reading all the new blog posts in my reader sometime last week. The unread posts have been hovering between 250 and 400 since possibly Christmas. It's nice being almost up-to-date on the stuff that's going on, instead of reading about it, like, three or four weeks later. ;)

And my unblogged garments have gone up to eight now. Two Lolas, two Moss Mini skirts, two t-shirts for work, two little black dresses. It's a lot of fun to make things in pairs! (The last one is cheated, though, since it's two different patterns and the one has polka-dots...)

Hope you're having a lovely week-end!


  1. I like making pairs! I like the look of the tiki dress, can see you in that:) sitting and reading trashy books sounds pretty good to me. Xx

  2. It's all part of the process- you're adjusting to your new role and it's bound to have a knock on effect on other parts of your life! I am also tempted to make things in pairs ( hahaha auto spell just corrected it to Paris- yes please!!) but recently have been making things that are red- no thread changing!!!

  3. Hey, you've got to start posting those unblogged projects :) I want to see the polka-dot LBD.

  4. Happy Birthday! I always feel so much better if I just start making something, anything really, the momentum seems to help. And, I know exactly what you mean about idle time at work, I hate that too! I used to knit when no one was in the shop when I worked in retail. I don't suppose you could do that as a doctor? Maybe you could read if you were reading something relevant?

  5. Happy birthday Alessa!!! You have sewn many garments :-) can´t wait to see all your new creations!

  6. i too have a pile of unblogged garments! i'm not at all into photographing my makes at the moment. the bodice of gertie's tiki dress is great! lots of effect for very little effort. bonus for being easy to fit!! and as you say, there is lots of potential in this pattern for endless variations. yes to trying out new patterns!!
    also, i don't think it's lazyness. just adjusting to a new life, and going through phases. don't beat yourself up about this, and spend time doing what makes you happy!

  7. Hi Tasha! I think knitting would be a bit much, but I do spend at least some of my time reading medical books and taking notes and stuff. :)

  8. I feel tempted to use TNT patterns quite often instead of having to tackle the fitting process but some time ago I discovered that I am actually more satisfied with myself when I make something from a new pattern. It's like a journey that you need to take to learn or discover something new.

    Happy birthday! :)

  9. I usually go through waves with sewing and blogging. This has been one of my most unproductive years, but I am slowly getting back into it. Sounds like you are getting back on track now, which is great! Hope you had a relaxing bday!

  10. I hear you - I am so behind on both reading blogs and blogging!!