Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thoughts about an Autumn Wardrobe

Here in Berlin the leaves are turning and the last two or three weeks have been decidedly autumny, still warm-ish during the day but with a definitive nip in the air. Paired with the fact that it's now dark by about 7:00 p.m. (compared to 10:30 around midsummer), I feel that fall has definitely arrived!

And what confuses me a bit is that I really don't quite know what to wear. For some reason, I don't like the thought of already wearing tights again (something I try to avoid in summer) so just pairing my summer dresses with tights and a cardi is right out, also helped by the fact that I find my selection of cardigans quite uninspiring at the moment. So that leaves leggings and the portion of dresses/tunics that I like wearing with them. There are a few - the ones on the shorter side, with the slimmer skirts - but I'm not quite feeling inspired yet.

So I guess that brings me to the question: what do I want to wear this fall and winter?
For one: Jumper dresses - knit, jersey or woven. This isn't really a surprise, though I will think about which patterns to use. I might even think about knitting one, in a thicker wool... Apart from the fact that I have foolishly decided to make hand-knitted Christmas gifts this year, I have a Miette cardigan planned, so maybe refashioning one from a big wool sweater will be easier. As for a woven jumper dress, I recently won a Deer&Doe Belladone pattern from Joëlle of The Handstitched Files (thanks again, Joëlle!), and I bought this blue plaid wool fabric on a whim last year, which I think might go well together. I'm also wondering if I can justify any more Lolas or Lola variations in my wardrobe... ;-)
I trawled around Pinterest a bit to get some inspiration for autumn fashion, and it looks like skinny trousers and oversized tops/sweaters are all the rage. I'm actually a bit shocked how skinny and stick-like the legs of some of those pinned models are. Yeah, obviously I don't follow fashion much and I'm easily shockable. ;)
Needless to say, while I think the look is quite cute, I'm not a big fan of skinny trousers. I also feel restricted in button-up shirts, so the sweater-over-blouse look won't be my new fall uniform, either. I kinda like the oversized-sweater-and-short-skirt look, so I should probably make a skirt or two... And I also like the long cardis.
Then I dug some more among my pins from last year and had a look around Modcloth (cause they have pretty much every cute dress you can imagine).
Stripes! And maybe I will try a peter pan collar one of these days?
Autumn always makes me want to wear plaid. And shirtdresses. I don't know why, I can't even remember ever owning a shirtdress. I've certainly never made one. But they're so pretty! Mary of Idle Fancy has even started the Autumn of 1000 shirtdresses, and Deer&Doe released this extremely cute tunic-length shirtdress, called Bruyere...
Meanwhile I'm wondering if I can get away with wearing a dress made of light teal quilting cotton with dark teal stars on it, because I bought some for a baby blanket and boy, it's pretty... It could make a cute Macaron. Or maybe even a shirtdress?

I guess I'd best start sorting through my autumn and winter weight fabric stash. I always plan better when starting with the fabric. Do you have a favorite autumn/winter garment, that you don't want to live without? Or a garment that you definitely want to sew for this colder season?


  1. I know how you feel...the super skinny pants and oversized sweater/shirt is not really my thing, although I don't dislike the look on others. I'm feeling the dress and skirt vibe with cardigans. But my wardrobe is in a dismal state, having no time to sew and not much time/money to shop either. Well, it makes one get creative. ;) I like the new Deer and Doe pattern...

  2. I am really enjoying tunics and skinny trousers this fall. Normally, I'm not a skinny trousers person, but with a mid-thigh length tunic (I've been shortening the Laurel pattern for this) I love the look!

  3. I've hopped on the Lola bandwagon this fall. I'm loving it. I like your shirtdress ideas!

  4. I think the teal cotton print sounds like it would be lovely! And I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do about my winter wardrobe this year. I'm still plugging away at my winter coat, but when it gets really cold, all I want to wear are sweaters. And I knit so terribly slowly/it's hard to find warm and nice ones that aren't wool. Hopefully I can at least finish the cardigan I've been knitting for over a year soon.

  5. I think that dear & doe dress would make the perfect Autumn dress! When ever I look at it I just think of Autumn. planning to make it one day too :)