Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stuff around here // October&November

Do you ever get blogger's/writer's block from having too many little things on your mind? I've been meaning to write a blog post for ages, but there's so many little things, I never quite know how to start or what to concentrate on. After thinking about that for a bit, I realized that much smarter minds have already found a solution to that problem: the week (or month) in review post. ;-) Ah well, I'm very bad at keeping to any kind of regular schedule. But anyway, here's what's been occupying me for the past weeks.

1. Season changes always makes me want to make plans. Although recently, I've kind of been wary of putting down any explicit plans, for fear of never actually completing them. ;-) But I've managed to sort my stash a couple of weeks ago, and I pulled out everything that could make a possible fall/winter garment (and then sorted the rest into "will definitely need warm weather to be sewn up" and the inevitable "in between, will think about it" pile). So now I know where to reach when the urge to sew something comes up!
upper part: summer fabric, lower part: might be used
 2. Stephanie instagrammed her collection of sweater knits a while ago, and then was having their annual autumn sale, so there was some fabric buying. ;-) I acutally got some cute sweater knits, some nice jersey knits, and some more rather cheap jersey knits, but overall the selection was nice. All of them except for the wool knits are already washed and added to the stash...
possible stash to be used this fall/winter
3. Patterns. Do any of you remember a time when Colette was the only indie pattern company (I knew of) out there, and the new collection was awaited with baited breath? I love that there's so many new indie patterns coming out nowadays, but it also stresses me a bit. ;-) Like that kid-at-the-candy-store feeling - very excited but a bit overwhelmed, right? New patterns all the time, and even if I had the money to buy them all, when would I sew them??? So. I got the Pattern Parcel #6. It was too amazing to miss. I've already made the Bronte top, and taped together the Hudson pants and the Julia cardigan. I've also gotten a copy of Closet Case File's Ginger jeans and Nettie bodysuit. I caved in and finally bought Deer&Doe's Bruyere shirt. And when Colette brought out their new Daliah dress pattern, I bought both it and the Anise jacket, which I'd been thinking about makinge since sometime last year.
cutting out the Anise jacket
The good thing is that I have fabric options for each of those patterns, and may even be able to make them all this fall/winter. I've already cut out the Anise jacket. And I spent a couple of days in Hannover this weekend to watch a performance of some friends of mine, and found some lovely fabric for a Bruyere shirt. Yes, I know it has been done already.
polka-dot denim for a Bruyere shirt and green-striped sock wool!
4. Since I mentioned Colette, have you heard that Sarai is going to produce an online sewing magazine complete with patterns? It sounds very interesting and you can sign up for a preview and also win a subscription here.
5. Since November always has the best knitting weather, I have started a Miette cardigan and have resumed working on a lace shawl for my granny. :) Good thing that I've had some journeys by train and car, so I've managed to knit away quite a bit!
And what is going on in your corner of the world?


  1. I have been very overwhelmed recently with the sheer choice of sewing patterns available! I have always been a Colette girl and find that my 'want to sew' pattern list contains mostly Colette Patterns. I've also found that I'm using a much smaller number of patterns to sew with recently.

    Your fabric looks lovely and cozy! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!

  2. I love the look of your knitting. Gorgeous colour. The list of patterns is fab. Look forward to seeing what you make. In my corner, not much happening as I am struggling with sleep deprivation due to my toddler. :) but almost finished my denim jacket. Xx

  3. Recently I've been buying way too many patterns! so my upcoming months look very busy. I am also trying resist the urge to buy new fabric. I need to desperately cut down on what I have. I started knitting a spring sweater too. I love your fabric organisation and am thinking I should tackle that too!

  4. i just browsed your handmade closet, it is super impressive!!! :) looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

  5. WOW your fabric collection is soooo big! Can´t wait to see your next project!!!