Monday, January 19, 2015

Knitting for Others - X-mas

So I'm still a bit behind on blogging about stuff, but before we begin with the actual sewn garments, I'll show you the X-mas gifts I knitted real quick. :) We don't give gifts in my immediate family (and aren't I grateful - instead we try to spend time together and have fabulous dinners), but there's always a few people requiring gifts: my two grannies, B.'s family, mostly (my tiny half siblings like it better if they get actual toys, not pretend-gifts like me-made stuff).

This is what I made for B's family. The headbands are more or less self-drafted and knit with chunky wool. They're very fast to knit, maybe an hour? Two at the most. The green one was for B's cousin, the navy one for his dad and the teal one for his mom.
His brother got the acid green mittens, he's an IT guy / programmer so I was thinking that mitts he could wear while programming were probably a good gift. The pattern is Maize by tincanknits (free on Ravelry). The fuchsia pair of mittens was for B's grandma, a most lovely old lady. She used to sew and I even recieved some of her stash fabrics some time ago. They're made of Alpaca yarn and the pattern is Cranford Mitts (which is part of the p-hop initiative by Médecens sans frontières).
I also made a pair of self-striping socks for B's grandpa. I bought a book on how to knit two socks at the same time, which is pretty marvellous! Combined with the fact that I used 6 ply wool, these were even knit up within a week, which is definitely a first for me.
The pièce de resistance is the Percy shawl I knit for my granny, though. I started it the fall before last Christmas and didn't manage to finish it in time. It's knit from the apex of the triangle to the base, so every row takes longer and longer to knit... Then at some point, the nupps start, which is where I pretty much gave up last year. ;) First knitting 7 stitches into one, and then purling all 7 stitches together on the back row??! I felt like I almost broke my fingers several times. But I was so happy when I finished it!!! It turned out truly beautiful, and my granny may have shed a couple of tears when she unwrapped it. :)
And because I can't do a whole post just about knitting for others... when there was still some knitting time and yarn left over the holidays, I made a headband for myself. :)
Do you tend to give hand-made Christmas gifts?


  1. I've just posted about my Christmas knits too, where did that time go? I love the Cranford mitts and that shawl is just beautiful. Glad you squeezed in some thing for yourself as well x

  2. I was manically knitting Fair Isle hays for about 2 months before Christmas (all raveled) - and almost managed to knit one for everyone.

  3. What a brilliant job! Sadly i did not manage to make gifts although my family may have been secretly pleased ;-)

  4. Lovely! I'm such a slow knitter and my wrists are bad so I rarely give knitted gifts. I do sew gifts for others but only if it is something I know they will like. I don't bother to make any and all gifts anymore because it is just too stressful.
    I love that your family tries to do something together instead of gifts. That is also a really great idea!

  5. All these look amazing! What lucky recipients! xxx

  6. What lovely gifts. I am impressed with the knitting two socks at one time - that is so clever, and the shawl is beautiful xx

  7. You have been so busy! And lovely lovely knitted gifts. I was so touched by your shawl for your Granny & her reaction - that's what makes it so worthwhile knitting for others. I made a scarf for my Dad and can't believe he wears it ! And me too, love the idea of knitting two socks together! Genius