Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sewing Top 5 - Highlights

So I had better blog about the rest of my Top 5 before January is over, right? Not time like the present. :)
The new category this year is non-sewing highlights which I think is a fun category, so thanks for including it, Gillian!

My highlights for 2015:

1. Holding an actual full-time job for the first time in my life.
I did rather enjoy the countless (ok, let's be honest, seven) years of being at uni, wild and free ;) but it's kinda satisfying to actually make money and not rely on the goodwill of my parents anymore. Jarring to not have about 4 months of vacation this year. But it's funny how much more I look forward to those actual free days like week-ends and holidays. Also: I'm a doctor now. (I still kinda feel like a fake when I say that. Lol.)
2. 12 years with B.
I had my 12 year anniversary with my boyfriend B. this year. He's still my favorite person in the world. :) We had a lot of wonderful moments together this year. Spa day. Going to the theater. Macaron baking class. :)
3. Travelling
To Würzburg. To Italy. To Liverpool and Edinburgh. Home. To Westphalia. To the Baltic Sea. Italy again. Hanover. Home.
4. Starting on my PhD
(I think that's what it is. 'Cause you're an MD (physician in Germany) when you finish medschool and do your board exams, right? If you go on to do research and write a scientific thesis/publish papers you get a PhD (Dr. med. in Germany). I think? Systems are so different... ;) )
5. Stuff
Because I think I'm counting it a highlight that I still manage to do the stuff that I love (a.k.a. sewing, choir singing, meeting friends on a regular basis, travelling, growing tomatoes, occasionally writing stories and, on similarly rare occasions, blogging) while still holding aforementioned full-time job. I know, there are people who juggle all that plus family and kids and probably finding a cure for cancer. How'd you do that, peeps?
Um yeah. So maybe not quite the usual sort of highlights. But I feel like it has been a fantastic year overall. Which is pretty much what counts, right?


  1. Nah, an MD is the same as a Dr. med. (the words are the same!). PhD is specifically for non-medical subjects, so unless you do a thesis in something else you won't be a PhD!

  2. Yay you! That's a busy year with lots of changes. I'm glad you are enjoying being a doctor after all those years of working towards it! Time to reap the benefits.

  3. It does sound like it was an exciting year for you! Especially finishing your medical degree. Yay!

  4. what a year! i really like that you take the time to appreciate the small things that makes you happy in life just as much as the big ones (becoming a doctor!!!)

  5. That's definitely what counts! Here's hoping you have another wonderful year in 2015.

  6. What a year! Tons of exciting things that happened, and big changes at that. Here's to a good 2015 for you :-0.

  7. Sounds an amazing year! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of it :)

  8. What an exciting year of change and fun. I hope 2015 brings lots more adventures xx