Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter Wardrobe - a pair of snuggly Lolas

Did you see the calender? It's already mid-March and spring is just around the corner! Actually, today was a very lovely and mild day, and I managed to run some errands riding my (new to me) bike (the old one was sadly stolen in January...). I also had a lovely coffee sitting in front of an Italian café in the sun, and it was warm enough to take off my jacket! Then I had the first gelato of the year. I felt like I was on a short spring holiday in Italy. :)
Now I had better tell you about the last of my winter makes before all I want to make and talk about is pretty spring dresses.

This one is a dress I've worn through most of January. I hardly ever wanted to take it off. Warm! Soft! Snuggly!
The pattern is, of course, the Lola Dress by Victory patterns, and I used a navy sweatshirt fabric with a little star print from The backside is a bit fluffy and so cozy!
You can't really see it very well but I drafted a hood (well, I copied it from a RTW sweater), and while I hardly ever wear it up, it's perfect for tucking in a scarf and protecting the neck from a nasty draft. Smartly, I haven't actually taken any pictures of it. Oh well.

It also goes really nicely with the Anise jacket. :)
The other Lola is a refashion I made from a cardigan/coat thingy that was gifted to me by my paternal grandma last year. She was actually a seamstress when she was younger, though sadly we were never very close and I didn't even remember about that until a little while ago. She gave me that high quality wool sweater since it was too small for her, and it took me almost a year to think about something to refashion it into.
This is a modified Lola pattern, I eliminated the waist seam and left off the pockets. Even so, I hardly had enough fabric to work with but it worked out just so in the end. I left on the front pockets, which are now placed a little awkwardly right on the hips. I may have to take them off and attach them a little lower at some point... Turning the sleeves into raglan sleeves for the Lola left them 3/4 length, which isn't quite ideal for a winter dress. But then I got to keep the sleeve hem and the little buttons. :)
The dress turned out a bit short for my taste, and the wool is a little scratchy, so I haven't worn it all that often. It is toasty and I like that it reminds me of my grandma, though. :)

Is spring finally creeping into your corner of the world, too?


  1. What a clever idea to make a Lola from the sweater! Too bad it's itchy. Maybe in the cold depths of winter it will be more tempting to wear?

  2. Ooh I'm going to have to keep the sweater idea in mind. I've made two Lolas and love them. Need to find more heavy fabrics for next winter!

  3. Very nice! The sweater Lola is pretty brilliant-- hopefully you'll find a way to work past the itchiness so you can wear it!

  4. Great refashion idea! Had some ice cream last week...but the weather is changing too rapidly! On a bright side days are getting yes spring is around the corner

  5. Oohh, great winter staples! I love all your Lolas! Spring is a bit slow in coming too around here...although I guess, technically, spring arrives officially on a specific date, so I should say that springlike weather is slow in coming around here! ;)

  6. Great lolas. I love the hood idea. You've got me thinking of making another. I think it's such a wearable pattern. Some spring flowers here and yesterday lovely sunshine but still a cold wind. X

  7. Two lovely dresses! I love the green one too, and maybe it would be less scratchy over a slimline petticoat or something? I expect that would look fantastic with your lovely pink coat too. It's cooling down over there at last, which I expect is just as welcome for us as spring is for you :)

  8. Looks like it was a lovely spring day! Everything turned out so cute - especially the Lola with the stars!