Thursday, June 11, 2015

MMMay outfits - part II

Hi everyone! So here are, finally, the rest of my MMMay outfits. In the middle of June, I know. May was the busiest month, ever. Lots of work, visits from both my and B.'s  parents, among other fun things like the aforementioned choir concert, an anniversary, a trip to Hannover to see an operetta at the State Opera, which a friend of ours has directed (I have such talented friends...) and a trip to the Baltic Sea! I also broke the lcd screen of my mobile, so two outfit pics are missing... 
 day 16: jersey dress // day 17: Colette Crepe dress & jersey bolero

 day 18: striped top & McCalls skirt // day 19: Macaron-inspired top & Moss skirt

 day 20: strawberry Ginger jeans & Ottobre top // day 21: self drafted linen trousers & Ottobre top

  day 22: strawberry Ginger jeans and striped top // day 23: Ginger jeans and aqua top

 day 24: polka-dot jersey dress & bolero // day 25: Paprikapatterns Jade skirt & Ottobre top

 day 27: polka-dot&lace Lola dress // day 28: summery maxi dress and RTW bolero

 day 29: striped off the shoulder top and linen trousers // day 30: blue Jade skirt and Ottobre top

In conclusion: I did wear only me-mades except for the one RTW jersey bolero on day 28, not counting socks, tights, bras, scarves and jackets. I also think I managed to go without repeating an outfit! As a goal, I'm not sure if it wasn't a bit silly, because I tend to repeat outfits a lot in a normal month. I liked how it forced me to consider different garment pairings from what I usually wear, though. Definitely harder than just grabbing the next best jersey dress every morning! ;) And a bit of a challenge, since I already wear about 85% me-mades in any given month, anyway.

Weather wise, we had an exceptionally cool May (not that the weather as such unusual, it's just that normally there's at least a week in-between that approaches the 30s) so none of my breezy summer dresses got worn. Ah well. I was very glad about the two pairs of Ginger jeans that I finished just the day before MMMay started, at the very least. More about those soon(ish).

I didn't sew a stitch during May, either, even as my mental to-sew list grows longer and longer. A flowery Cambie. A rain jacket. A bathing suit. Another pair of linen trousers. I'm hoping that June is going to be a bit more relaxed, so I can tackle that. I also think that I need a few more leggings and legging-appropriate tunic tops. Some days just scream for the comfort of leggings... ;)

Do you have any fun sewing plans for June? I think I need to tackle that bathing suit first...

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