Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sewing Top 5 2015 - Hits & Misses

It's this time of the year again. The Christmas holidays are over, there's only a few dozen hours left in the year, we're a bit sad to see it go but excited for the new one - time to have a bit of a lookback and join Gillian's #sewingtop5!
This year really has been an exciting one, or maybe intense is a better word. Mostly job-wise for me, but there was also some family stuff going on. Looking back, I'm really greatful for the job I had in Acute Geriatrics for 10 months, because I learned loads and grew both as a person and as a doctor. I'm rather happy to have landed back in a doctor's practice now, though. It's so much more chilled, it's not even funny - although after a two month break, I have now decided to go back to the occasional night on call... ;-)

Anyway, sewing-wise, it was a much less exciting year. I guess I can be glad that I managed some time for sewing at all. Blogging and reading blogs and commenting fell totally to the wayside for a while. 

I actually had a hard time to come up with some sewing misses at all, since I didn't sew that much - it took a bit of thinking. I'd say that all of the following are part-misses for one reason or another, nothing that really screamed big-time failure.
1. My biggest miss really is that I had so little sewing time, and fell out of touch with blogging and reading and commenting for so long - so here's a symbolic pic of my sewing machine. 

2. That red pair of Sewaholic Thurlow trousers is yet unblogged, and started out pretty well, but turned out quite a way to big. Possibly partly the fault of the linen fabric... I tried taking it in at the back, but threw off the crotch curve while I was at it. Oh well. I guess it's mostly wearable. Better luck next time (as I have that fabric in another three colours).

3. My Closet Case Files Bombshell swimsuit also gets to take part in the misses, even though it's really rather cute. The fit feels very tight and the lining is too thick, I think. In any case, I haven't actually worn it this year.

4. You'd think that teal polka dot jersey dress is exactly my style, and to be honest I have worn it quite a lot - mostly on the way to and from work, because it fills the requirement of being appropriate for public, has long sleeves and feels like secret pyjamas. It's pretty much the last thing I reach for on non-work days, though. No idea why, it just feels a little bit drab...

5. I really like that Deer&Doe Bruyère shirt (also still unblogged, oh my)! I had to shorten the sleeves to 3/4 though (I look silly in long-sleeved collared shirts), and the cuff turned out pretty tight. Which made my choice of snaps instead of a button hole even sillier. I'll have to put on new cuffs with real buttons at some point. Until then, this shirt just feels a bit not good...

Ok, on to the hits then!
1. Ginger jeans by Closet Case Files. They're not perfect but I love them. :-)

2. The green maxi dress. I really wore it all during the summer.

3. The rose dress (unblogged) is a very recent make from shortly before Christmas, just like the 
4. striped cowl-neck Lola. Both have already seen quite a bit of wear over the holidays and I think they turned out very nicely.

5. Rose print Appleton dress by Cashmerette. I feel quite elegant wearing it. :-)

So a lot of the garments I made are still unblogged. I think I will find the time to redress that at some point. Until than, hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve and Happy New Year 2016!

PS: If you're interested, here's a link to my #sewingtop5 of 2014. ;-)

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