Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Peek-a-boo striped Lola and a sparkly one

So it's a bit overwhelming, all those garments I made last year that I haven't blogged about yet. But I guess there's nothing wrong with taking it slowly, piece by piece, interspersed with what I'm making at the moment. And once I think about it, I guess there's also nothing wrong with not blogging about a garment at all, or just as a mention on the side, should it prove to be boring. Right?

And with that out of the way, let's start on this striped Victory Patterns Lola I made in December. Maybe I should stop blogging about Lolas, I've made so many of them. This is number eleven, and I've also made a number twelve, which I'm going to show you right afterwards. What can I say, they're perfect for everyday and the pattern is surprisingly versatile. Wanna see?
(I only left out the one that was a wadder from the start, due to bad fabric choice.)
To be honest, I don't wear them all equally frequently. The striped green one and the navy short sleeved one are made of rather flimsy fabric, which doesn't wear so well. Funny, as the blue&white striped one is a similar weight, but worn so often now that it's all pilly and has developed a hole under one arm. I wear the coral one a lot even though the sleeve bands feel pretty tight (they're meant to be made from ribbing, so need to be adjusted when using a less stretchy fabric).The green wooly one is a bit scratchy and rather too short for my liking. The most successful ones, really, have been those three made from sweatshirting, and the polka-dotted fleece version, which is so cozily warm, it's perfect for a cold winter day at home. But those I wear all. The. Time.

So when I saw some black&white striped sweatshirting at The Sweet Mercerie, it prompted a little fabric shopping spree to throw off my stashbusting numbers (to escape shipping costs), and filled my need for another warm-and-longsleeved winter Lola.
Look, I took inside outfit pics that aren't actually horrible!
I don't know if there's a lot to say about this one. I took some care with stripe matching, which turned out pretty well overall. I drafted the little collar to keep out the chill, and wasn't quite convinced that it worked at first, but I like how it comes out in the photos and now it's one of my favorite features. I finally drafted a pattern piece for the long sleeves, after eyeballing it mostly for my earlier versions. Although they're just a tiny bit tight, as this fabric has almost no stretch at all.
Is there anything else to say? For a Lola, this feels surprisingly elegant to wear. Well, maybe not elegant, but... smart? I guess the stripes and collar give it a bit of a mod feel. I really like the collar.  :-)

Beware, derpy looking photos ahead!

I think I mentioned that I got some sparkly black sweatshirt fabric from Lillestoff a while ago. I knew right away that I wanted to make a sweater dress for the holidays, some combination of comfy and elegant. And as Lola is my favorite sweater dress pattern... I left off the pockets to pare back the casual feel, and also eliminated the waist seam. I did the same with two of my earlier Lolas, by overlapping the seam allowances of the bodice and skirt pieces. It really only minimally affects the fit, I think.
This is the dress with a turned-under hem, which I ended up not really liking, so I let it out again and added a hem band.
I like it so much better that way! Funny how such a little detail can totally change the feel of a dress. It was perfect for the holidays, being so comfy for sitting around and indulging in feasts, while still being sparkly and festive. I wore it again for New Year's, and I think I'll have many more occasions to wear it. Also seems like I'm slowly filling my wardrobe gap of garments for fancy outings. :-)

Do you have any wardrobe gaps waiting to be filled?

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