Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oslo Cardigan - Bread & Butter sewing

February has been pretty kind to me, sewing time wise. :-) It may also be that, having an actual plan (instead of just piles of fabric), and a challenge to live up to, my sewing motivation has been higher than usual during the cold and dark season. And actually, it's not all that dark anymore! For the last couple of weeks, there have been a few hours of sunshine at least every couple of days, and it's been light on my way to work. Seems like spring is already around the corner!

All of this means that I have completed quite a few of the garments I have set myself for the Bread&Butter challenge. And I'm still on track for my stashbusting (two sewn up meters of fabric for every new one), even though I've bought four new pieces of fabric already! It would be good to keep up the pace for a few more weeks, since I'll be on a trip to London and Glasgow the week before Easter, and I'm already pretty sure that I'm going to find some fabric to bring home with me. (Incidentally, does anyone want to meet up for a cuppa while I'm there? It's a family trip, but I'm pretty sure I can sneak away for an hour or two... ;-)
This is the Seamwork Oslo cardigan. I wanted a cardi that I could wear over my dresses, without obscuring most of it, while still adding a layer of warmth. There are quite a few cute patterns around (including the Paprikapatterns Opal and the StyleArc Nina cardigan), but since I already have a Seamwork subscription, I went with the Oslo. Like advertised, it's a nice and simple pattern, easy to sew it up in two hours or less, even if you take taping the PDF into account. I may have glanced at the instructions the first time around, and they're quite in-depth, as usual with Colette patterns. 

 These are actually three different versions, which admittedly look pretty similar from afar. 

I must say that I'm not usually a big fan of the baggy, dropped-shoulder style. It's not bad, and reminds me a bit of the cardis my grandpa used to wear - it's just not the first style that I'd reach for. It is mighty comfy, though.
My first version was made from a very stable, textured wool mix, which has little circles knit into it. It's a little stiff but quite warm, and I like how the collar looks when I hold it closed. I think this one would profit from a button closure, but I've been too lazy yet to add one. Maybe next winter. ;-)
The next on the list is made from a very thin rayon-wool knit. Not stable at all, so I stabilized the shoulder seams with clear elastic. Had I been smart, I'd also done that for the back neckline, which is prone to stretch out. Because of fabric restraints, I cut the collar half as wide, same as the cuffs. Since I'm going to wear this one open anyway, it doesn't matter. It grows a bit in the wearing and is quite baggy in the back and sleeves, but that means that I can also wear it over long sleeves, so it's quite the versatile little cardi.  

Versatile enough that I decided I also need a navy version.
This most recent version is made from a lightweight rayon jersey that has a bit of a texture, kind of like silk, as if bits of the yarn are just a little thicker than the rest. It also feels pretty soft and slightly silky. :-) I took a bit away from the dropped shoulders (hightening the sleeve head correspondingly) and slightly slimmed the sleeves. I like the fit better this way, though it really doesn't make that much of a difference.

Looking at the pictures, I can hardly wait for the weather to warm up a little, so I can take my outfit photos outside again. I still have several already photographed in front of this very pretty radiator, though, which are going to appear in the next few weeks...

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