Thursday, June 2, 2016

Me-Made May round two

And here's the second half of outfits from my Me-Made May this year, just in case you're interested and haven't been following me on Instagram. ;-)
bottom row: day 17-20 left to right; top row: day 21-24 left to right
So how was Me-Made May this year? I actually found it challenging to pick an outfit in the morning. As I mentioned before, I usually just grab  any halfway appropriate dress on a workday morning, no thoughts required, since I only just wear it for my 10 minute bike ride to work, lunch break, my bike ride home and however long it takes me to grab some leggings and a tee. But it was kind of fun, too, to break the routine and wear some different things not just on the weekends. 
bottom row: day 25-28 from left to right; top row: day 28-31 from left to right
Apart from what you can see in the outfits, I wore all me-made knickers during May. Next year I want to branch out into bras and jackets, too!

3/4 of all my outfits were dresses, by the way (wow, I've got lots of dresses, it seems), and I only wore two garments multiple times: my navy and white striped boatneck top (twice) and my Ginger jeans (three times). As for which outfits were my favorites, I have a bit of a hard time narrowing it down. I really like those jeans-and-striped-tee outfits.
But I can't narrow down the dresses... ;-)
Interesting, though, that there's two wovens and two jersey dresses, even though I hardly wear woven dresses most of the time... Both the dotty red one and the flowery torquoise one are Day-to-night-drape dresses by Maria Denmark, by the way.

So, another Me-Made May over... on to new adventures!

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