Sunday, July 16, 2017

(Not so recent) Sewing and other news

Oh hi. So, it's been a while since I blogged last. Actually, there has been very little blogging at all, this year. And I never quite know how to begin after a hiatus. But I've thought about not blogging at all anymore, and it doesn't quite appeal to me, either, plus I may have a little more time in the next few months, so.

Boy, there's been a lot of stuff going on in recent months, RL wise. The biggest part of which, I guess, is: I'm pregnant. Yay! (That was quite a longer time in coming than I envisioned in my innocent youth...) I'm just about 22 weeks along, with the tiny person due in mid-November, so I guess I'm joining the the mommy blogger brigade before too long. (And coincidentally I've been enjoying reading the Ease into Motherhood series over at the blogs of Seamstress Erin, MexicanPink and SewFearless, which is going on during the month of July!) I'm also just about entering the stage where maternity clothing plays a role (let me tell you that my fit&flare jersey dresses have held up very well for the first half of this pregnancy) and branching out into pattern types that I never quite thought my style, but which are great for a growing baby belly (like elastic waist trousers, jumpsuits and lose kimono style tees) - fun!
I actually managed to get very little done (besides working on growing a tiny person) during the first 4 months of my pregnancy - apart from working full-time and writing the first 20 pages of my thesis (which is really, really supposed to be finished before the tiny person pops out). While I was daydreaming lots about sewing, what I usually managed after work was eat and fall into bed, sometimes with a book. But it's been a lot better for the last few weeks! I'm also starting some vacation time, and afterwards my maternity leave is beginning a little early, since my employer insisted that she'd rather be safe than sorry, considering the risks of doctoring. ;-) While finishing my thesis really is a priority (which may be challenging, given that in the time until November, I have planned three weeks of vacation plus one week of special training in psychosomatics, which I need for my GP qualification, plus my sister is getting married at the end of September and I'm the maid of honour. Oh, and we're currently looking for a new flat.) I had better not tell you that I'm also meaning to do some more regular exercise (in addition to my current 15 min of pregnancy yoga - swimming would be nice), volunteered for some video-editing of my last vocal ensemble concert, started on knitting a baby blanket (which is great for knitting in front of the TV, and on vacations, I suppose, so not actually taking any time away from other projects), and we still need to re-arrange our bedroom-with-sewing-nook into a baby-and-parents-and possibly-some-sewing room... And of course, apart from some maternity and post-pregnancy nursing appropriate sewing-for-me, I've now also fallen in love with the idea of making a use-up-all-those-fabric-scraps crawling quilt, and possibly sew a whole lot of cloth diapers for the little one. Ahem. And maybe finally do some blog renovation?

Not sure if that's a smart to-do-list.

But we'll see what sticks in the end.

I've losely planned about monthly sewing updates from now-on, instead of even trying to blog individual things (which tends to paralyze my blogging mojo as soon as projects start to pile up). Thich sounds fairly do-able, I guess, provided I can get myself to take decent pictures - another of the reasons my blogging has been so sketchy in the last months.

So with minimum fuss, here's some of the stuff I've been sewing during the first part of the year - spring sewing, if you wanna say so. Which is actually still pretty weather-appropriate around here, even in July. Oh well.
A glittery bird dress: My usual pattern (which by now is so modified, I hardly know where the original parts came from). I also forgot where I got the fabric. Possibly idee.?
Giant flower dress: same pattern, this time in a lillestoff fabric. Actually, in the 3/4 sleeved version, this feels a little louder than I'm comfortable with, sometimes. I'd think I'd do contrast bindings and a midriff band (in solid blue) next time...
Giant flower maxi dress: I cut this out with my baby belly beginning to show, and miscalculated a bit, since the fabric has less stretch than what I used for my last few maxi dresses. Thus, it has a bit of a curved side panel, which isn't terribly noticable in the busy print at least. I also must remember that basting is a good idea with wrap-style bodices... even though I added some stitches to secure the neckline, this one gapes quite a bit, but it's fine with my tank-style nursing bra underneath.
This year's flower Lola: I had to retire a couple of my older Lola dresses, because they were getting a little short and tight from all the washing (the woe of using sweatshirt fabric), so I made a replacement using some lillestoff summer sweatshirting fabric. I heart this one quite a lot.
This is actually last year's Christmas velvet dress. Well, velour. Velveteen? Which was an inspired idea, because it's comfy like secret pyjamas, and it does look really nice, doesn't it? The fabric is also warm enough even without sleeves (for an overheated house at Christmas or New Year's). I think what I used as a pattern (since it's a stretch fabric, it looks like sweatshirting on the left side and is just as comfy) is my regular jersey dress pattern, without sleeves and with a straight-ish skirt. (I really need to start taking notes while sewing...)

This isn't quite all I got around to sewing, but it's what I have nice pictures of, so it'll do for now.
More about maternity sewing next time, I think. :-)

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