Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A couple more maternity makes

I'm rapidly nearing my due date (two-and-a-half weeks to go!) and there's still so much to do, but I thought I'd show you a couple more maternity(-ish) makes I've been regularly wearing for the last few weeks.

The belly really is ginormous, although I'm still managing to get around fairly well, including tying my own shoe laces ;-) (all that maternity yoga is doing some good, I think). I actually still have quite a few garments pre-dating my pregnancy that fit fairly well: two spring/summer Lola dresses and a couple of jersey tube dresses that stretch out well enough, although now that it's getting colder, I wish my long-sleeved, cozy winter Lolas were made from more stretchy sweatshirting. Oh well.

I'm making do with layering up instead. Leggings and jersey skirts and tanks and tees and cardis.

What I also really needed was a jacket that fit the bump. My regular ones stopped fitting a couple of months ago, and while wearing it open is a fine choice when the weather is nice, it's really not when it's cold and rainy... ;-)

I got a fleece lined softshell fabric with the express purpose of making a jacket with a pregnancy panel, that could be converted for babywearing, at the Holland fabric market in summer, and after thinking for a bit, decided on the Waffle Patterns Cookie Blouson, which I've had in my stash for quite a while.

Sewing with softshell isn't the easiest, it doesn't press well and I was hesitant to use too many pins, so as not to damage the water resistance. Although in the end, I chose to topstitch a lot of the seams, and it hasn't gotten me wet, yet. I've managed to not get into a downpour, and the water resistancy works well enough for "regular" amounts of rain and wetness...
What I am missing in bad weather is a hood, to protect me from the rain. I've been thinking about making one that snaps onto the back at some point, but I'm not sure if I like the idea of exposed snaps along the back neck... then again, I'm usually for function over prettiness...

I also haven't made a panel yet, because I can still get the jacket closed over my belly (which I'm guessing can't get much bigger). A baby wearing panel is still in the plans, though, and I've already got a pattern that should work with most jackets.

Pattern-wise, this was a good pattern to sew, with clear instructions and no major hurdles. I made a straight size 44 according to my pre-pregnancy measurements (because it was already cut out, and I thought a panel would take care of the rest). I'm guessing it will be a bit roomy on non-pregnant me, but in this style of jacket, that's fine. I like the zippered pockets (they get a bit lost in the busy print), which have enough room for bits and bobs, like a pair of gloves.

Another go-to garment for the last weeks has been this Dolores batwing top, by Zoe. I actually wasn't quite sold on it, when I first made it. I'm really not quite the batwing kinda girl, and the jersey fabric I used for the bodice 1. shows every bump and 2. reminds me a bit of surgery scrubs... I may try the original pattern with a more stable fabric in the future, but what I did with this one is shorten and slim down the batwing sleeves, and I quite like wearing it like this. I also added a contrast band instead of a hem, because I like how it sits snugly under my belly like this.
Again, I didn't use the maternity version that's available for this pattern (because I already had the regular version in my stash), and I sewed my regular size (a 16, in this case), but with the stretchy fabric, it still works out.

The last garment that's fairly new in my wardrobe is this navy-and-white striped Seamwork Oslo cardigan.
Another pattern that works without any maternity alterations, although I did the same alterations as with my last few Oslo cardigans: slim down the band that goes along the front and neckline (I like how it hangs open like this) and slim the shoulders/raise the sleeve heads for less of a dropped-shoulder look (yup, I'm really not much into dropped shoulders...). The sleeves are also a bit slimmed down.

I've also been doing quite a bit of sewing for my sister's wedding, which was at the end of September. Woven dresses! It's been quite a while since I last sewed something like that. ;-) I haven't gotten all of the photos yet, though, so the blog post about them will have to wait for a bit.

Right now I'm quite busy with sewing cloth nappies/diapers and a couple of nursing-compatible comfy clothes...
What are you up to at the moment?

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