Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Another Year, Another Sewing Top 5

Another year, another Sewing Top 5!

It took me a while to decide to take part in Gillian's Sewing Top 5 this year, so I guess I'm a little late to the party. But after missing out last year, because I was feeling quite stressed out, I find myself in a place now where I want to get into blogging at least semi-regularly, and I think a bit of reflection is a great way to start the year! 
So I guess I'll start with the (non-sewing related) highlights, because they're a huge part of the way 2017 went.

2017 Highlights
  • I got pregnant, and had a little baby girl in November! We've agreed to keep her off social media and the internet for now, but be assured that she's healthy and wonderful and I love her to bits. :-) I'm lucky enough that we have a very good parental leave system in Germany, so I'm staying at home for a year to care for her, before going back to being a doctor. :-)
  • I also got married! That has actually been a long time in coming, since my man and I have been together for over 15 years. However, we never quite saw the need to exchange the rings, so to speak. With a little one coming, and issues like custody and last names on the horizon, we decided that it was easier to just make an appointment at the registry. ;-) But I did make a dress for the occasion. (And he did pop the question in the most romantic way possible, on a trip to Paris, on a dinner boat, while the Eiffel tower was glittering in the background...)
  • That blasted thesis, that took an inordinate amount of this year's free time, finally got very close to being finished! (Ok, so it took until Jan 2, 2018, but I finally handed in the finished draft to my supervisor, now I'm just waiting to get it back and do a final round of corrections.)
I'd say that's the top highlights of the year, although there were lots of other good things around. In anticipation of the baby, hubby and I took quite a few extended weekend trips, and we visited Copenhagen, Paris, Rome, the North Sea coast, Mainz, and Vienna, and I also took a trip to Lisbon with my family in early spring. We were also on the lookout for a new flat, or possibly a house, now that our little family is getting bigger. We finally found something both fitting and affordable shortly before Christmas, now we're waiting to see if it all works out... so exciting!

2017 Hits

I haven't managed to crunch the numbers, but all things considered, 2017 was more prolific, sewing wise, than I would have thought. What with everything else that was going on, and being tired for weeks on end...

  • I'm counting this Lillestoff Lola a hit, because I wore it pretty much all year long, from spring almost to my due date. Who would have thought that the French Terry was so elastic? :-) I'm a bit sad that I probably won't be wearing it this year, since it doesn't allow for nursing access...
  • Hit no. 2 is the Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Case Patterns. I wore it a lot this summer, and always felt effortlessly chic (or at least very well put together), which isn't all that easy when you're pregnant...

  • The softshell Cookie Blouson also was quite a hit, fitting my belly until the end. I wore it from its inception in September pretty much all the time until my due date. Now it's waiting for spring, and a baby carrying panel.
  • This is my wedding dress! I'm going to blog about it soon(ish), I wanted it to be light and summery and "me", so of course it needed to be a polka-dot McCalls M6011 (on of my few woven TNTs)... hacked for a pregnant belly, obviously. ;-)

  • I'm counting the cloth diapers I made as my last hit, because they're in constant rotation and really very cute. I didn't quite know if this cloth diapering business would work out at all, but after two months of it, I'm still quite happy, and starting to sew the next size up. :-)

2017 Misses
It took me a while to think of any actual misses this year. Possibly because my sewing time was limited, and I mostly stuck with what I knew. I actually still have four or five projects/UFOs cut out, that warrant a little more time (like a Bruyere shirt in a gorgeous polka-dot chambray, and a Sew Over It Vintage shirt dress), but that I never got around to sewing up...

  • I made three of those Lupita tank tops, and while the A-line silhouette means that they fit until the end of my pregnancy, I never actually really liked wearing them - though to be honest, at some point I felt it was enough to wear something comfy that covered the belly. ;-) I think I'm going to slim down the side seams and see how that works. Worst case scenario is that I'm keeping them as sleeping shirts...

  • I'm also afraid that my first nursing top didn't turn out to be a hit. It's made of French Terry and while I pre-washed it, I think I underestimated that it might still shrink in the second/third wash, which means that it's now borderline short and the overlap at the bust tends to gape. I still wear it plenty at home, because it's comfy and practical. But I'm definitely adding length in my future versions!
  • That's my "frumpy nursing nightgown". It also gets worn regularly, but the fabric, while plenty soft and comfy, bags out like nobody's business and has already developed little holes. Also, the colour isn't exactly flattering either - but that's also irrelevant in a nightgown. It's fine since it was intended as a wearable muslin anyway, and I'm regularly wearing the second version, which turned out much nicer.

  • Miss no. 5 is something that never even got finished, a black tube dress that I spontaneously cut out a few hours before our "pregnant belly" photoshoot. However, it was a slapdash job, the fabric wasn't great quality and I didn't manage to finish, so in the end I just wore something else. The fabric will probably be recycled into knickers or a tank top at some point...
I think I'm saving reflections and goals for another post, since the baby is starting to make hungry noises and this is already quite long...

Here's to a fun and happy new year 2018!

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